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Forever 21′s Dirty, Ripped Up, Busted Secret

Upon my last visit to the day-glow, cheap shit gigolo that is Forever 21, I made the grave (and hilarious) error of forgetting where the fuck I was and expecting their sales rack to contain something other than filthy, tattered rags.

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Now, some of you may be looking at these photos and saying, “Rachel, come on! It’s the sale rack at Forever 21. What do you expect?”

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

I can hear you saying it in your nasally little voices right now. It’s the same tone of voice that your annoying friend uses when she is informing you that the classic rules of Monopoly say no one gets the money in free parking or that you actually did deserve that speeding ticket when you were running late to see Don Jon.

It doesn’t matter what I EXPECT. If I lived my life expecting people (which corporations are – thanks, Romney) to try to sell me turds rolled in glitter with price tags on them at every turn, I’d never leave the house. Especially when I can order them on Amazon from the comfort of my couch, fuck-you-very-much.

For the un-initiated, when a garment is this rough looking…

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

this trashed…

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

and this generally effed…

Forever 21 Ripped Top

you damage it. Meaning you mark it as a damaged, unsaleable piece of shit and take it off the sales floor because, how embarrassing, we don’t want our customers to think homeless people routinely come into the store and just switch whatever they have on for what’s on the hangar in front of them.

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

Well, ok, fine. Given that pretty much all Forever 21 stores cover enough square footage to comfortably accommodate a weight watchers meeting for pachyderms, I gave them  a small amount of leeway and conducted a little experiment to see what the employees would do (or rather, what their beaten down, age-inappropriately dressed manager would do) when confronted with damaged merchandise.

I took one of the sweaters to the cashier and attempted, with a face as straight as Linda and Esther Chang’s pubic hairs, to purchase the item.

Forever 21 Ripped Sweater

“Sure! Oh, is this supposed to be this way?” asked the sales associate as he turned the fretted rag over in his perfectly manicured hands.

“I don’t think so. Actually, I was going to ask if I could get a discount for the damage,” I replied, innocent and doe eyed.

This is the point at which in any respectable store, the sales associate would give the garment a once-over and reply, “Actually, this looks way too damaged for us to sell. I am going to have to mark it as such. I will offer you a 10% discount on any other full sale item in the store. Sorry about that.”

What ACTUALLY happened, is he said he had to get his manager, who then told me the item was already on sale BECAUSE OF THE DAMAGE and that she would not discount it further. That I could still purchase this rag, if I wanted to, but only at the price as marked.

So apparently, instead of taking severely damaged merchandise off the floor and creating some semblance of dignity and respect for the wares they expect people to spend hard earned money on, Forever 21 would rather be in the business of trying to sell people scrap fabric covered in cheap sequins and clutches that look like they belong to a manic depressive drag queen with shaky hands.

Forever 21 Purse Gross

And before you go protesting that “Forever 21 is a fast fashion store! Their clothes are cheap! I don’t expect them to treat their own merchandise (which could eventually become a part if MY wardrobe) with respect,” THINK about that statement and realize that you are culpable in how this company and many others do bad business.

If we don’t hold chains like Forever 21 to even a little bit of a standard, then they won’t have any standard to meet. They’ll do things like rip off small, independent designers, treat their employees like shit and contribute to the scourge of sweat shop labor (allegedly).

So the next time you shell out $9.99 on a damaged top at Forever 21 because “oh, I can just fix it at home” or “It’s just so CHEAP!” remember that you’re not in a charity thrift store. You’re contributing to a billion dollar corporation with arguably questionable ethics and a calculating eye on the bottom line.

An eye they apparently choose to turn blind when confronted with shit like this:

Forever 21 Filthy

Forever 21, WTF?


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Presidents Day Sale

Forever 21.


Helping you celebrate your inalienable right to look retarded at family barbecues.


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When a Good Deal Really Isn’t

I was smack dab in the middle of a long car ride into Michigan when I heard a report on satellite radio about fake sales, the practice of retailers over inflating prices so they can later offer deep discounts without taking a real big hit.

The consumer assumes they’ve gotten a good deal and the retailer doesn’t lose their shirt. It’s a fundamentally dishonest way to go about doing things, but in the end, everyone is usually happy and the costumer if mostly none the wiser.

Well, WTForever 21 reader Shannon got wise to Forever 21 this month in a most alarming way.

According to Shannon, she purchased the below pictured top online at Forever21.com during a clearance sale for $15.99.


She thought she was getting a good deal. That is, until the top actually came in the mail and she took a gander at the tag attached to it.


While Forever 21 had sold the top online at an allegedly discounted rate of $15.99, the tag on the tastefully bedazzled tee she received read $15.80.

A FINAL SALE, NOT RETURNABLE $15.80 that, according to Shannon, they charged her $15.99 for ON SALE.

This takes fake sales to a whole new level and “Go fuck yourself, customer” sentiment into Olympic Gold standard stratosphere. Yes, it’s only a $.19 difference, but that small difference sends a big message. The big message being “We quite literally give approximately zero fucks about even LOOKING like we give zero fucks.”

Well, Forever 21, I’ve got a message for you. Probably familiar with it by now. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Forever 21, WTF?


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December Ad Sale!


Now until December 31, 2011 ad space on WTForever21.com starts at little more than $1/day.

Why just $1/day? Because I think EVERYONE should be able to afford web advertising, especially around the holidays when people are looking for last minute gifts online and great DIY blogs with tips on personal, handmade gifts for loved ones.

WTForever21.com readers love affordable, handmade items (particularly jewelry) from Etsy Shops and they LOVE to laugh. If you’ve got a comedy, fashion, beauty or DIY blog, readers of WTForever 21 will be all over it!

for rates on the limited time sale.


from WTForever 21.

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Suedette on Sale

I am all for good deals.


Suedette Poncho: $24.90

But is a deep discount on winter wear worth the trade off of looking like a silver back gorilla in the line at Starbucks? Someone start the mist machine so she can feel at home.


Here’s a tip for those fashionistas who can’t resist a sale – whilst wearing the sale item, if the model looks like a jungle dwelling creature that routinely throws clumps of its own waste at tourists, I’d say pass.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Cyber Monday at Forever 21: 5 Things Worth Buying you can Wear Right Now!

By most people’s standards, I am not what you would call a “cheap” person. I’m semi into labels and make purchasing decisions based largely on comfort and convenience rather than price point. And even though I spend the extra $2 on 3-ply toilet paper and will go out of my way to be true to certain brands, damn, do I love a good deal. And DAMN, do I love Cyber Monday.

But not every deal online today will be worth having. Cyber Monday, just like Black Friday, can be riddled with unwanted overstocked inventory that stores just want off their shelves to make room for newer, shinier and higher priced merchandise.

So how do you separate the mess from the joys? Good news, my chicken cutlets of love. I’ve rummaged through the virtual sale bin and come up with five items worth buying during Forever 21′s Cyber Monday sale.


Shearling Collar Denim Jacket: $17.88

Temperatures are finally in the solid winter time range across the country now and outerwear is becoming, or has become, everyday wear. Take advantage of Forever 21′s Cyber Monday free shipping and slashed prices to stock up on bulky coats and warm jackets.


Classic Crew Neck Sweater: $12.00


Cozy Knit Cardigan: $15.54


Empire Waist Sweater Cardigan: $3.45

If you’ve been waiting for a Deal to stock up on chic layering staples, Cyber Monday is the best time. Snatch up for sweaters and cardigans that will be thin enough to wear underneath under coats and jackets and thin enough that you can wear them into Spring.


Cable Knit Beanie: $4.08

Toss this on over a messy bun or let your hair down and use your head as a warm accessory, Any way you wear this beanie, at $4 it has to be worth it.


Dark Skinny Ankle Jean: $9.00

Perfect for tucking into boots.


Casual Plaid Button up: $13.99

Forever 21 seems to be having a sale on almost anything plaid. Pair these with soft cardigans and warm jackets for casual coziness in the coming months.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping and good luck with the digital crowds!

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Black Friday at Forever 21

Ah yes. Black Friday. That most infamous and hardcore of holidays. The only day of the year that turns soccer mans into man eating, killing machines with a bloodlust for savings unmatched by even the most ruthless extreme couponers.

If you’re amongst them in the fray today or are recovering from your own mission, covered in the sweat and shame of the fallen, bless you. Bless you for keeping our economy afloat and Godspeed on Cyber Monday.

Now, there is no doubt Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer deals worth fighting for. Flat screen TVs halved in price and sold in sample quantities, special edition e-readers with accessories packages thrown in for free, and that most glorious of all sales – the sales on clothes, accessories and beauty products.

Being a champion of cheap products in all those categories, you would think Forever 21′s Black Friday offerings would be the bomb. You would think that, wouldn’t you, you poor, diluted fools.

Well fucking think again! It’s a Buy One Get One Free mishmash of crap they couldn’t get rid of during the rest of the year.


Slanted Boxes Top: $9.99

She looks pretty contented for someone who just got run over by a truck in a Road Runner cartoon.


Crotchet Front Cardigan: $22.99

Ugh, woof. Where was this couch doily when I did my Mentally Retarded Female costume post? Oh and by the way, the plus size version of this costs $2 more than the standard sized version. Thanks for the hint, Forever 21.


Mixed Print Maxi Skirt: $3.96

Yes, I’d definitely like to buy one of these hillbilly table cloths and wear it as a skirt. Especially if I get the second one free! Holy Hell.

And in case you think I’m just picking out the bad stuff, here’s a link to their Black Friday sale section. It’s riddled with things that might as well be human feces. I would just as soon wear human shit on my body than pay for any of these.

Which makes sense, because this “sale” is nothing more than thinly disguised dump of unwanted inventory.

Forever 21, WTF?


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