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Rams Head Ring

Look, how cute.

Ram Ring: $3.80

It’s the severed and bronzed head of the smallest ram on the planet.

When I look at this all I can see is a stop motion cartoon of a Ken doll waking up in the morning to find this thing and an ounce of blood in the sheets of his Malibu Dream House bed.

Forever 21, Why do you Make me Make Godfather References?


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WTFinger rave


Looking at the following accessory may cause seizures.

This ring looks like a reject item from Liberace’s estate sale.

How would anything get DONE wearing this thing?

It’d be like there was a rave hosted by Elton John at the Candy Land palace happening on your finger all day.

Seriously, someone tell me the truth – am I tripping balls or is this ring really happening?

Price: $7.80

Forever 21, WTF?


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