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Wonderful or WTF: High Waist Overalls

I always say some people can make anything look good. On them, the biggest WTFs become the best scenarios.

Every once in a while WTForever21.com readers decide to test the fashion fates and see if they can overturn a miscarriage of style.

Exhibit A:

“When I first saw these pants I thought, ‘Who on earth would ever wear those?’ I gave Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt since Halloween was fast approaching, reasoning they were probably reaching out to their railway professioned and old paper boy clientele. So I bought a pair for a one time use costume even if I was dissatisfied with the way I looked when I tried them on in the fitting room. After going home and trying to ignore the fact that I bought something for $20+ dollars that I was never going to wear, I thought of giving them a second chance. Low and behold they are wonderful and I am glad I have ever pitied them in the first place.”


Has she salvaged those overalls?

Are they Wonderful or still WTF?

Let us know in the comments!


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WTF from Around the World: Intersect.com

For some time now, I’ve been trying with what I’d call medium level success to amass a collection of photos taken inside Forever 21 stores or photos of fabulous, intelligent, funny and amazingly good looking readers like you wearing outrageous WTF.

I’ve amassed all your contributions onto WTForever 21′s Intersect.com profile and made this dope map and timeline, which you can interact with and contribute to by signing up for Intersect.com.


The photos you’ve sent in are a great start, but I’d like to keep building! Sign up and send me your reader WTF and I’ll feature it here where literally billions of people will see it (eventually) and place it on the map and timeline for a mysterious future mystery project I’m working on. I’ll give you a hint – don’t send something in if you object to being on The Huffington Post.

Love and Lulz, Chickens! Send in those WTFs!

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Reader WTF: Halloween Flashback


Photo courtesy of PlanetMut.com.

You haven’t liked WTForever21.com on Facebook yet? You are SERIOUSLY missing out.




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Reader WTF: Forever 21 Mannequins Pull Double Duty

Reader Anjanie caught her local Forever 21 mannequins dropping it like it was ever so hot this week.


I have to admit, it looks less like dancing and more like someone in a line outside a Hollywood club who dropped their birth control pill on the sidewalk and is trying to pinch it off the curb between their press on nails.

Delightfully seedy.

Forever 21, Ohh, girl, no.

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When a Good Deal Really Isn’t

I was smack dab in the middle of a long car ride into Michigan when I heard a report on satellite radio about fake sales, the practice of retailers over inflating prices so they can later offer deep discounts without taking a real big hit.

The consumer assumes they’ve gotten a good deal and the retailer doesn’t lose their shirt. It’s a fundamentally dishonest way to go about doing things, but in the end, everyone is usually happy and the costumer if mostly none the wiser.

Well, WTForever 21 reader Shannon got wise to Forever 21 this month in a most alarming way.

According to Shannon, she purchased the below pictured top online at Forever21.com during a clearance sale for $15.99.


She thought she was getting a good deal. That is, until the top actually came in the mail and she took a gander at the tag attached to it.


While Forever 21 had sold the top online at an allegedly discounted rate of $15.99, the tag on the tastefully bedazzled tee she received read $15.80.

A FINAL SALE, NOT RETURNABLE $15.80 that, according to Shannon, they charged her $15.99 for ON SALE.

This takes fake sales to a whole new level and “Go fuck yourself, customer” sentiment into Olympic Gold standard stratosphere. Yes, it’s only a $.19 difference, but that small difference sends a big message. The big message being “We quite literally give approximately zero fucks about even LOOKING like we give zero fucks.”

Well, Forever 21, I’ve got a message for you. Probably familiar with it by now. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Reader WTF

Reader Michelle who lives in Washington, DC snapped this layered mishap at a mall in Virginia.


Once again, the expert store displays at Forever 21 mystify and baffle us all. The styling, the nuance, the strokeable Orange Julius colored faux fur.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Reader WTF for Halloween

It’s that special time of year, you beautiful bunch of WTFers! It’s Halloween time!

Time for slutty costumes! Time for eating so much candy you really regret your candy eating decisions the next day. And most especially, time for READER WTF!

Feast your eyes on these fantastic beauties sent to me around 1:42 am this morning by reader Fernando who went for an old school favorite with a festive twist.


“Thanks to your “WTFetish Overalls” post, I got the best leather daddy super Mario Bros costume idea. Yous the bestest.”

No, no, boo. YOUS the bestest.

If any of you other WTFers have Forever 21 inspired costumes, send them over and I’ll post them here and on the Facebook page as well as my Intersect map and timeline!

Happy Halloween, Chickies!


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Reader WTF: Your Grandmother’s Dress

When we here at WTForever 21 post something about a hideous garment and one of you wonderful commenters says you love it, I will occasionally ask for “pics or it didn’t happen,” but just like that pony I always wanted, I never get any of readers wearing WTF.

That is, until NOW!


This is the beautiful, talented and well dressed Emily, wearing the dress I thought was made specifically to keep us all from getting laid.

“I picked up the offending dress on a recent trip to San Diego and wore it out a couple times while in Palm Springs. I thought it was cute, but that’s not saying much given that I’d wear a feces stained paper bag provided it had a lace, or otherwise cutesy collar, attached. For a polyester frock, the dress “breathed” remarkably well!” she writes.

Emily, you have officially proved me wrong about the dress making it’s wearer unbangable. I would definitely hit that.

Want to be on WTForever21.com and have your fashion missteps and/or WTF’s you discovered in store or on the street featured here? Get at me, baby! Racheldkane@gmail.com.

Forever 21, Maybe Not so WTF After All.


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