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Shop at Forever 21 Tee



Shop at Forever 21 Tee: $15.90

Are we bragging about this now? And $15.90? They’d have to pay ME to wear that, thing. Not only are you a walking advertisement for Forever 21, you’re also putting your own self on blast.

This is t-shirt equivalent of Madonna’s Instagram. It’s tacky, it’s trying too hard and everyone around it just feels embarrassed for it.


Can we talk about this for a second? Madonna’s Instagram is the most confusing thing in my life right now. It’s like her consciousness has been forcefully inhabited by the souls of all our dead grandparents and one REALLY dominant stripper and their fight for control of The Entity Known as Madonna is playing out through heavily altered, sexual images and posts you’d expect to see on r/forwardsfromgrandma.

Exhibit B:


Ugh. Call me when she starts blaming everything on Obama.

Forever 21 and Madonna, WTF?

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