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Wonderful Wednesday: Perfect Pleats for a Lazy Lady

I’m trying something new this Wonderful Wednesday.

It’s called being too lazy to finish writing up The Great Gatsby inspired post I started last night.

Instead, here’s my clothes thrown on the floor in a way I would wear them!

Jacket: Forever 21 $27.80

Top: Macy’s Bar iii

Skirt: Forever 21 $17.80

Necklace: Dunno

Bracelet: Forever 21 $7.80

Shoes: Michael Antonio $44.99

Ring: Ariel Gordon Jewelry – (I got this for basically free with a coupon code)  $75


of this new Wonderful Wednesday format? It comes from the purest place of not wanting to either do research or even put on real clothes.

Let me know in the comments!


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Musketeers Gone Wild

Seriously, dafuq is this?


Crinkle and Cuffed Shorts: $24.80

Looks like what the Three Musketeers would wear on MTV Spring Break in Daytona Beach.


After they finish reveling in the streets they are going to strap on those crotch leathers and dropeth it like it is hot.

Forever 21, Whateth the Fucketh?


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Award Winning Shorts

If there was an Olympic sport which awarded clothing stores for selling the ugliest pair of shorts I have ever seen, these puffers would take the gold.


Pleated Waist Shorts: $18.01

Faux suede, camel colored with pleats that seem specifically made to be unflattering. Now there is a time and place for pleats. But that time is not now and that place is not anywhere around the crotch region.


It’s like some poor intern is crouched just out of frame with a blow dryer pointed straight up her crotch. If you looked up “Front Butt” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of these shorts.

Forever 21, Stop Putting Pleats Where they Don’t Belong.


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