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Wonderful Wednesday: The Great Gatsby

As far as fashion is concerned, the ’20s was one of the sexiest decades in American history.

Everything a woman wore had a loose quality to it. As if at any moment, with the next jitterbug or Charleston shake, her clothes could slip right off.

It was a different kind of sensuality. It was about luxury. Glitz, glam and excess. Gin martinis, champagne coupes overflowing with bubbly, liquid gold.

WEALTH, my chickens. Lush, seductive wealth. It was an evil time. It was the calm before the storm and the moment before real desperation.

But just because Gatsby spent his whole life breaking the law and doing business with dangerous bedfellows just to impress one snotty rich girl into loving him, doesn’t mean you have to turn into a one-track-mind, label whore to look roaring twenties chic.

Ditsy Paillette Tunic: $27.80

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Pearls, Perches and Pissed Off Owls

Hooty-hoo, bitches.

Owl Pendant Necklace: $6.80

Anyone with super big, furious looking eyes surrounded by feathers that glow in the dark of night can see Forever 21 has a thing for owls.

Owls with rhinestones for eyes.

Bright Owl Ring: $3.80

Owls which stare eerily at your friends, perched from the safety of your earlobes.

Owl Earring Trio: $3.80

Owls who watched knowingly from your ring finger, judging your every key stroke.

Textured Owl Ring: $2.80

Owls with little pearl white clock faces for bellies.

Owl Watch Necklace: $2.80

Owls with big pearl white bellies.

Enameled Owl Necklace: $2.80

Big owls, little owls, owls that are on socks!

Owl Heart Ankle Socks: $0.95

OWLS. OWLS. OWLS. Forever 21 has got owls on the brain and it’s really starting to stick in my ass.

I thought this owl trend would be dead by now. Girls were wearing large owl necklaces when I was in high school in 1998. WHY won’t this DIE?

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy owl accessories or wish Forever 21 would give up the feathery ghost and let the owl trend pass peacefully into the dark?


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