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Wonderful or WTF: High Waist Overalls

I always say some people can make anything look good. On them, the biggest WTFs become the best scenarios.

Every once in a while WTForever21.com readers decide to test the fashion fates and see if they can overturn a miscarriage of style.

Exhibit A:

“When I first saw these pants I thought, ‘Who on earth would ever wear those?’ I gave Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt since Halloween was fast approaching, reasoning they were probably reaching out to their railway professioned and old paper boy clientele. So I bought a pair for a one time use costume even if I was dissatisfied with the way I looked when I tried them on in the fitting room. After going home and trying to ignore the fact that I bought something for $20+ dollars that I was never going to wear, I thought of giving them a second chance. Low and behold they are wonderful and I am glad I have ever pitied them in the first place.”


Has she salvaged those overalls?

Are they Wonderful or still WTF?

Let us know in the comments!


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It was the Best of Pants, It was the Worst of WTFs

“Please, sir.”


High Rise Overalls: $24.80

“May I have some more fabric? So that I may completely engulf this girl’s torso in periwinkle polyester and take this high rise overall party to the holy land of underboob?”

“MORE? High Rise Overalls has asked for MORE!”

These pants should be beaten within an inch of their old timey lives and then thrown into an orphanage for things with rolled hems that come in the color periwinkle.

More fabric, indeed.

Forever 21, WTF?


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WTFetish Overalls

No matter how many attempts Forever 21 makes at using pleather in an appropriate way, they still manage to miss the mark nearly every damn time.

Leatherette Shortall: $24.80

Feast your eyes. I mean, good gravy. The only place this would be appropriate is an S&M hoe down, and trust me, you don’t want to go to one of those. BYOB takes on a WHOLE other meaning.

HINT: The other meaning is “Bring Your Own Buttplug”

Forever 21, WTF?


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