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Happy Veteran’s Day




Gathered Military Jacket: $37.80

And right around Veteran’s Day. The shame.

Let’s hope the General of Gathered Fabric’s uniform doesn’t catch on. So much wrong with this. It’s like the ugliest prom dress in the world and the worst version of military inspired jackets fucked, had a baby and then let it be raised by polyester wolves its whole life.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Forever 21′s Canadian Cadet

At the behest of one reader who hails from America’s hat (otherwise known as Canada) I went snooping through Forever 21′s online racks available to the great hockey nation and unearthed a true gem.

Woven Cadet Shirt: $18.99

Whilst deep in the bowels of BoGo territory, cutting my way through the overgrowth of floral rompers and obnoxiously printed maxi dresses, I was presented with this, a relic from the brief and long forgotten era when military inspired clothes were acceptable.

Blimey. It’s a gorgeous specimen. Look at the wingspan! Military inspired tops with puff sleeves are all but extinct now, however in it’s heyday, this top must have been quite a sight to see, soaring majestically over sales racks and making its nest from the finest crocheted cardigans and lime green bib tops. If you’ve got $18.99 Canadian, you could own a bit of history. Terrifyingly tacky, virtually unwearable history, but history, none the less.

Forever 21, I Salute You.

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