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Your Sense of Style is in Another Castle

Sometimes a garment can speak for itself.

spiked metallic sweater2

And you’d think a silver metallic, chain mail sweater with a King Koopa shoulder spike would have plenty to say.

spiked metallic sweater

But sometimes, like this time, it’s better to heed the words of others.


Forever 21, WTF?


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High-Waisted Metallic Shorts

The Holidays are such a magical time.

High-Waisted Metallic Shorts: $13.80

It’s a time when Forever 21 starts rolling out their more festive creations.

Like shorts that make it look as if you’ve suffered an unfortunate smelting accident from the belly button to the tops of your assĀ cheeks.

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas, Dad! I’m back from my first year of college and you can no longer pretend I’m not sexually active” than skin-tight metallic booty shorts.

Forever 21, It’s the Best Time of the Year.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Cameltoe

This is a damn travesty.

Metallic Leggings: $13.80

What the utter fuck? It looks like she didn’t even put these on by herself.

It looks like the torso of a chubby child who was jerked into a pair of tight ass leggings and then made to pose in an awkward family photo.

No shape to it. Just thigh meats and lopsided upper pussy fluff . I can’t imagine anything LESS flattering.

Forever 21, WTF?


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