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Varsity Striped Tulle Overlay Skirt

Ugh. These look like Wednesday Adams’ gym clothes.

wednesday skirt

Varsity-Striped Tulle Overlay Skirt: $34.90

Someone tell Marilyn Manson his “play skirt” is missing.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Ding, Dong the WTF is Dead!

This reminds me of something.

Mesh Panel Leggings: $12.80

Why do I keep getting a vision of midgets in brightly colored wigs dancing joyfully around these leggings ?

Why am I suddenly thinking about flying monkeys and emeralds and leathery, unnaturally colored skin?

Was Madonna wearing them in her latest music video?

Oh. Right.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Reader WTF: Halloween Flashback


Photo courtesy of PlanetMut.com.

You haven’t liked WTForever21.com on Facebook yet? You are SERIOUSLY missing out.




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Pretty in Not Quite Pink

We all know the 80′s movie moment. When the here to fore “awkward” and “ugly” girl comes down the stairs or makes her dramatic entrance at the prom or peaks around the kitchen door corner to reveal herself, reincarnated by sassy black friend or sheer determination of will, to now be a “hottie.”

Asymmetrical Dress with Mesh Panels: $19.80

This dress is the epitome of that moment.

Inexplicably predictable, totally unbelievable, a cheap ploy for audience attention, awkward as all Heidi Montag and just transparent enough to be vulgar.

This is what you call jumping the clothing shark. Maybe I should have posted this as a costume because if you tease your hair, throw on some ripped pantyhose, red lipstick and fake blood you could easily be an anonymous Patrick Bateman victim from “American Psycho.”

Forever 21,


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Hot Mesh Mess

Until today, I’ve avoided writing much about the half mesh, half solid trend in pants, maxi skirts and dresses this year. I guess I thought it would fix itself or go away on its own, like parking tickets or unidentified  skin rashes (fingers still crossed).  But, alas, upon inspection of Forever 21′s New Arrivals area online, I found more selections in this schizophrenic trend.

Lace Maxi Skirt: $17.80 

Neither sexy nor modest, this hot mess of mesh defies seasons and all fashion logic.

Fishnet Dress: $15.80

Frightening to both fish and man, this dress pulls double duty in the dumpy department.

Lace Maxi Dress: $27.80

This is what Wednesday Adams wore to her Winter formal.

Velvet Burnout Maxi Skirt: $29.80

Just enough leg to be sexy. Just enough fleur de lis to be suspected of traveling to this dimension from an unknown world where  velvet and chiffon peacefully co-exist.

Lace Flare Leggings: $22.80

These bell bottoms are funky. And not in the George Clinton, Atomic Dog, “We Want the Funk, the Whole Funk, Nothin’ But the Funk,” way. More like the “Where in the shit am I going to wear these pants to? A Goth disco party?” way.

Mesh Knit Pants: $17.80

Mesh. Knit. PANTS. Honestly, I mean, the name really does say it all.

Floral Chiffon Pants: $19.80

Chiffon and what look like loose fitting Bermuda shorts underneath. SO turned on right now.

Forever 21, WTF?


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