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Cover your Crotch: Reader WTF

Intrepid reader Maria from Tuscon, AZ sent this in over the weekend.


“Recently I was in a Forever 21 in my hometown Tucson, AZ and I found the following glorious styling of one of their 80′s mannequins. Enjoy! My favorite part is definitely those corduroy leopard print shorts,” writes Maria.

The shorts are pretty good, but I’d have to say MY favorite part is the part when the plastic person is covering her genitals for no apparent reason. As if anyone is going to try to tap those lacquered lady bits while she’s wearing THAT ensemble.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Dress Like There’s Nobody Watching

Well before the dawn of modern Hipsterdom, adventurous young men and women began flirting with the fashion line between counter culture trends and just plain looking like you got dressed in the damn dark. In the photo below (sent to me by the very Diva-licious Aldo of WhatHadHappa.com) a brave mannequin at the Forever 21 in Salinas, CA took the whole “mirrors or eyes or a sense of ┬ácomplimentary colors and patterns are SO mainstream” look to a different level this weekend.

The hideousness of this ensemble is, I assume, without question, but there is one mystery still to be uncovered in this unfortunate photo (well, besides the obvious “Why would you ever do this?”).

Is that mannequin … or a MANnequin? As in, a statue with testosterone? As in, meant to be wearing male clothing? Our intrepid photographer tells us he spied this delight in the lady’s section but I am dubious. The legs are pin thin enough and the shoulders are far too broad for a Forever 21 women’s display.

What do you all think? Does this dude look like a lady or does this lady just look like a douche?

Forever 21, WTF?


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