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Birkenstock WTF

Just when you were sure Birkenstocks couldn’t look any more gross, here come knock off Birkenstocks from Forever 21 to prove you wrong.


Leather Footbed Sandals: $19.80

Used to be you could only find these babies at outdoor stores, specific mall locations and in the direct opposite location of a penis, but now they are also available at Forever 21. Huzzah.

Footbed sandals? WTF is a Footbed? Are they suggesting these ill formed, dollar store variety Flinstoneian messes are like beds for your feet? Please. I’m getting blisters just looking at them.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Facebook Debate

HEY YOU! You like to argue, right?
We’re having a good old fashioned debate on Facebook about whether or not Forever 21 selling a knock-off  what everyone seems to think is a  Kurt Cobain original (it isn’t – the design is courtesy of the band Flipper) is unethical and sleazy or just good business sense as usual.
As reported on Vol. 1 Brooklyn, the tee was a product of Cobain’s own magic marker artwork. They however neglect to mention that while Forever 21 was selling the item for $16.90 online (it sold out since this morning when the post went up) the music merch online retailer Worn Free also sells the licensed product, only they sell it for a whopping $45.
Throw in your 2 cents on WTForever 21′s Facebook page. You won’t believe which way the conversation is leaning.

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Winter Wonderful Wednesday

Its starting to get chilly, chickies. And you know what that means in the land of WTForever 21 …

WinterTF Wear!

This Wonderful Wednesday will once again be dedicated to J. Crew knockoffs, as Forever 21 seems to be honing in on the preppy clothing store’s signature style for Winter.

Check out the un-WTFucky Wonderful Wednesday Wonderland of stuff after the jump!

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