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Thulsa Doom Returns


The Fall selection of WTF has officially rolled out at Forever 21 and with it all manner of inexplicable item has appeared. Some items are even making encores!


Combination Hood Scarf: $18.80

This scarf hoodie combo was originally compared on WTForever 21 to James Earl Jones’ ceremonial head piece as seen here.


The resemblance is quite striking.

Now, despite this thing looking like Thulsa Doom’s finest evening wear and despite the print looking like a Cosby sweater took a dump all over it, the combo hood and scarf must have been a good seller because Forever 21 has seen fit to up the price from $14.80 last November to $18.80 this October.

Or maybe by November it was just already on sale.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Season of the stitch


Where have I seen this before?


Oh. Right.

Combination Hood Scarf (originally worn by James Earl Jones of Thulsa Doom): $14.80

Forever 21, by Crom!

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