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WTF from Around the World: Intersect.com

For some time now, I’ve been trying with what I’d call medium level success to amass a collection of photos taken inside Forever 21 stores or photos of fabulous, intelligent, funny and amazingly good looking readers like you wearing outrageous WTF.

I’ve amassed all your contributions onto WTForever 21′s Intersect.com profile and made this dope map and timeline, which you can interact with and contribute to by signing up for Intersect.com.


The photos you’ve sent in are a great start, but I’d like to keep building! Sign up and send me your reader WTF and I’ll feature it here where literally billions of people will see it (eventually) and place it on the map and timeline for a mysterious future mystery project I’m working on. I’ll give you a hint – don’t send something in if you object to being on The Huffington Post.

Love and Lulz, Chickens! Send in those WTFs!

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Giveaway – Members Only – 2 Days Left!



Just a reminder – because I like to reward naughty behavior (take THAT, Santa), I’m hosting an exclusive giveaway on Intersect.com for Members only.

1. Just sign up for Intersect.com (it’s free)
2. and follow me (Rachel Kane).

Here’s the free swag up for grabs!


Express Metallic Mesh Ruched Wristlet


Sequin Open Stitch Infinity Scarf

The deadline for entries on this members only free giveaway is 12am EST on Friday, December 9.

I look forward to seeing you in the Members only WTForever 21 community on Intersect.com. I’ll be sharing my interactive timeline and map of both reader WTF and my own pics, videos and posts deemed too awesome for the the non-private world.

It’s kind of like those Jerry Springer tapes they sell that are Too Hot for TV and feature a lot of “You ARE the father” break dancing sessions, followed by ladies ripping off each other’s earrings and weaves.

But only free and much, much funnier.


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Members Only Post

Wanna see the rest of my in store visit to Forever 21? Sign up on Intersect.com and follow me for access to the exclusive weekly content, giveaways and community on WTForever 21′s Members Only page.

Not gonna lie. It’s pretty awesome in there.

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