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December Ad Sale!


Now until December 31, 2011 ad space on WTForever21.com starts at little more than $1/day.

Why just $1/day? Because I think EVERYONE should be able to afford web advertising, especially around the holidays when people are looking for last minute gifts online and great DIY blogs with tips on personal, handmade gifts for loved ones.

WTForever21.com readers love affordable, handmade items (particularly jewelry) from Etsy Shops and they LOVE to laugh. If you’ve got a comedy, fashion, beauty or DIY blog, readers of WTForever 21 will be all over it!

for rates on the limited time sale.


from WTForever 21.

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GIVEAWAY: Members Only on Intersect.com


It’s a hard fact of life that there are some things just too hot, too hilarious, too sexy and too plain WTF for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

A few weeks ago when Facebook censored my camel toe crotch shots from Forever 21, it dawned on me that banter and bullshitting this out of control needs a private forum.

THUS, I’ve partnered with Intersect.com to bring you the Members only world of WTForever 21!


And because I like to reward naughty behavior (take THAT, Santa), I’m also hosting an exclusive giveaway on Intersect.com for Members only.

1. Just sign up for Intersect.com (it’s free)
2. and follow me (Rachel Kane).

Here’s the free swag up for grabs!


Express Metallic Mesh Ruched Wristlet


Sequin Open Stitch Infinity Scarf

The deadline for entries on this members only free giveaway is 12am EST on Friday, December 9.

I look forward to seeing you in the Members only WTForever 21 community on Intersect.com. I’ll be sharing my interactive timeline and map of both reader WTF and my own pics, videos and posts deemed too awesome for the the non-private world.

It’s kind of like those Jerry Springer tapes they sell that are Too Hot for TV and feature a lot of “You ARE the father” break dancing sessions, followed by ladies ripping off each other’s earrings and weaves.

But only free and much, much funnier.



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Rory Beca for Forever 21 Serves Up WTF

When Rory Beca’s fun, flirty and fresh designs showed up in Forever 21 stores earlier this year I breathed a sigh of contented relief. Looks from Rory Beca like the one below made Forever 21′s near simultaneous collabo with local LA designer Petro Zillia look a candy colored poop on a stick by comparison.

So when I learned late last month Rory Beca would be doing another collection for Forever 21 meant to outfit every holiday moment from meeting the parents to New Years party, I was pretty stoked.

But this?

Textured Heart Skirt: $24.80

This right here? This is a damn shame.

Lace-Up Boxy Top: $13.80

This top is relatively inoffensive but what is happening south of the border? Distressed, gold lamé skinny jeans? It looks like what the Tin Man wears when he goes gay clubbing.

Rory Beca Floral Lace Blazer: $27.80

Again, let’s just for a second forget about the broad shouldered, Sunday football linebacker blazer on top and peep what’s occurred around the waist and beyond.

Are these golden nuggets (read: turds) even part of her collection? Sadly, I think they might be, as they are featured in the promo clip for the collab from Forever 21, along with an actually cute little black dress (Rory Beca’s personal favorite) that is nowhere to be found online at Forever21.com.

Maybe they’re planning on putting the rest of the collection up for sale later? If anyone has the inside scoop, email me (racheldkane(at)gmail.com).

Forever 21 (and you too, Rory Beca!), WTF?


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