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Charmsies Iridescent Mix Hair Charms

Ok, but… these are hair stickers, though.


Charmsies Iridescent Mix Hair Charms: $10.00

Is it bad that I IMMEDIATELY want to put these in my pubes? Just grow out a full, Rick Ross beard style bush and rock these little pearly stickers in it.


DAYAM. So Sophisticated.

Forever 21, Stop Making It Impossible for me to Not Put Stickers on my Bush.

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WTFavorite Things: Lulu*s Giveaway



Lulu*s is one of my favorite retailers for on-trend party dresses. And I’m not just saying that because they’ve so graciously agreed to give one of you this “Heart to Get Dress.” Which they have.

As someone who enjoys the filly things in life, I’m always looking for cute ways to show my girly side in my style choices (a lady cannot live on WTFs alone).

This minty, magical, sparkly moment of a dress from Lulu*s contains all the ingredients to get me feeling like a sexy little teacup without overexposing my chesticles or giving anyone around me a non-refundable and unsolicited ticket to The Booty Show.

Enter below for your chance to win this glittering dandy from Lulu*s and make sure to come back every day for more prizes, deals and dirty fashion deeds.

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Cupid’s Picks

As a special treat for Valentine’s Day shoppers, Forever 21 has rolled out a list of gifts personally picked by Cupid, chief among them being sticks of sexual dynamite like this doozy.


Poisoned Love Fringe Top: $14.80

Sometimes Forever 21′s picks are way off the mark, but I have to give it to them this year. A top like that is sure to make the lampshade of your dreams go ga-ga!

What’s that you say? You mean to tell me you didn’t plan to spend this Valentine’s Day cooking a sumptuous meal for, romancing, reading poetry to and then subsequently banging the shit out of a lampshade by candlelight?

You wanted to attracted a human BEING with this top?

Fine. More for me then.

Forever 21, Furniture Matchmaker.


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