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Manga Maven: WTForever 21 Fully Animated

I am so excited about this, I just can’t even begin.

The lovely Joanna from www.maqaroon.com created this awesome manga portrait of me in all the WTF accouterments.


Obnoxiously bright headband with large rosettes!

Many chunky bangles in neon colors!

Demented owl necklace!

Furry vest!

Leopard print fringe body suit!!

This is damn masterpiece.


Check out other street style manga portraits on Joanna’s blog: http://www.maqaroon.com/blog.php

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Shake a Head Feather

Holy Shitballs!


Embellished Feather Headband: $6.80

Embellished is putting it mildly. You might as well just put a peacock’s ass on your face and call it a wrap. Don’t go to the zoo wearing this thing – something might try to mount you.

Oh, and it comes in a second color.



Forever 21, WTFeathery Fuck?


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