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Springtime Harem Pants

What’s that? Too cold out still for harem knee length pant/short hybrids? And even it was a solid 85 degrees around the world, Forever 21 should have realized by now that no real people who actually have real jobs outside of fashion actually WEAR harem pants in the first damn place?


Zippered Harem Pants: $24.80



Not on your crotch sag loving life.

But rest easy, ladies. Not only does this new and improved version of the harem pant still provide the ample vagina carrying swath you know and love, it also has a new feature sure to drive your preferred gender of sex partner wild.


Mutha. Fucking. Side. Zippers. Because there just are not enough items of clothing made for both versatile calf exposure AND the discrete smuggling of a sack of grain betwixt your thighs.

Forever 21, WTF?

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