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Reader WTF: Halloween Flashback


Photo courtesy of PlanetMut.com.

You haven’t liked WTForever21.com on Facebook yet? You are SERIOUSLY missing out.




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It’s Over!

Sooo … you do know Halloween is over, right?


Fringed Suedette Jacket: $39.80

You DO know people are done dressing up like sexy little Tiger Lily sluts, correct?


And that no one is trying to rock the Lone Rider, 1950s television western interpretation of what cowboys looked like – am I to understand you ARE fully aware of this fact?


I mean, I know YOU know damn well jackets shouldn’t have laces. I’m just confused as to why this exists.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Reader WTF for Halloween

It’s that special time of year, you beautiful bunch of WTFers! It’s Halloween time!

Time for slutty costumes! Time for eating so much candy you really regret your candy eating decisions the next day. And most especially, time for READER WTF!

Feast your eyes on these fantastic beauties sent to me around 1:42 am this morning by reader Fernando who went for an old school favorite with a festive twist.


“Thanks to your “WTFetish Overalls” post, I got the best leather daddy super Mario Bros costume idea. Yous the bestest.”

No, no, boo. YOUS the bestest.

If any of you other WTFers have Forever 21 inspired costumes, send them over and I’ll post them here and on the Facebook page as well as my Intersect map and timeline!

Happy Halloween, Chickies!


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Le Costume Post: Part 2

Look! Up in the club! It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no it’s …


Fitted Leatherette Dress: $24.80

Yes, Club Girl. Faster than a speeding skank on Sunset Blvd., more powerful than an authentic can of Fourloko and able to leap tall doormen in a single bound!

Club Girl’s abilities include Super Head, incredible Hater-Vision which allows her to spot “all the bitches that be hatin’ up in here,” and is imbued with impenetrable silicone breast bags able boost both her earning potentional as a mild mannered go-go dancer and also boost her sense of self worth. Her powerful Bumpit of Truth (not pictured here) gives her the ability to “tell it like it is.” This power could be used to solve any number of world issues, but is most often used to say things like, “That bitch needs to stop eating, for reals. She should NOT be wearing that. WHAT!? I tell it like it is.”

Club Girl’s only weakness is Last Call and the Harsh Realities of the Next Morning, which sap her of her powers and can reduce her to a clingy whiner who wants to “get some breakfast” or “hang out later today, or something.” The antidote for this is aspirin, greasy foods and the Morning After Pill.

(Cape, thigh high boots, Bumpit of Truth and bag full of nondescript pills and multi-colored condoms not included in this costume.)

Forever 21, WTF?


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