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The Emerald Shitty

We’re off the see the jacket!

Snap Button Jacket: $18.90

The fugly snap jacket of Oz!

We see it is a WTF, if ever a Fuck there was!

If ever, oh ever, a WTF, the jacket is fucked because because

Because, because, because, because, BECAAAUUSSEEEEE!

Because of the terrible things it does (it does terrible things to your torso).

We’re off to see the jacket!

The WTF Jacket of Oz!

Forever 21, You’re Ruining my Childhood.


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Multitasking Heels

There are very few instances of appropriate wear for these heels.


Perforated Leatherette Heels: $24.80

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed drag show.

2. Swamp Thing high school reunion.

3. Sexy Oscar the Grouch costume.

4. Grunge Era Tinkerbell outfit.

5. Adding some height to the formation of powdery fungus living in your fridges most ancient and shameful Tupperware container.

Beyond these excuses the madness of slightly varied, puke colored patches stitched together to make heels is unacceptable. If you have any further ideas on how these may be worn, please …


Forever 21, WTF?


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Wonderful Wednesday: Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Ah, the true and comforting signs of Winter. The days get shorter. The mid-morning lines at Starbucks get longer. And suddenly, you go from galavanting in the crisp Fall with your chic scarves and light weight layers, to bundling up like a baby in swaddling clothes or a sausage rolled in puff pastry.

In essence, you need jackets & coats. Jackets & coats to go from the car to the front door. Jackets & coats for heading to work in the morning and going out with the girls at night. If you even have a dream about leaving the house, you need jackets & coats.

So in honor of this Wonderful Wednesday, here are some tasty, toasty offerings from Forever 21, good for any cold weather occasion.

Crest Button Knit Jacket: $29.80

Bundle up, beautiful. It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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Top to Bottom: Wearing a Shirt as a Skirt

Keeping on the cusp of new fashion trends is hard work, if you consider hard work to be window shopping and finding a storage space big enough to house the hundreds of old magazines I refuse to toss out. And trends change so quickly, cycling through the truly innovative and back around to the same old, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what’s chic and what’s shit.

Now comes a trend that seems to straddle the worlds of retro and ridiculous. BEHOLD – the Shirt as a Skirt silhouette.

The last time I tied a shirt around my waist was probably in the first grade and, not surprisingly, it wasn’t for fashion’s sake. As a special Fantastic Friday treat, J., the beautiful face, closet and mind behind JsEverydayFashion.com, is guest posting on WTForever21 and has braved the waters of this daring trend, going where only people who have accidentally pissed their pants have gone before (and manages to look FABULOUS doing it!)

Here’s J’s take on the look, top to bottom.

“Shit guys I forgot my pants.”

Don’t worry, it happens to me *all* the time. Which is why I was so elated/relieved/excited when I found this new trend on Chictopia. An answer to all of our pesky pants-less conundrums: you can now wear your denim shirt as a skirt! Not only is it so freaking hot right now, but it’s also a fun magic trick that you can use to impress your friends at the next house party. Does it look like I’m sporting a long-sleeve shirt tied around my waist 80′s style? Well, yes, I technically am… I’m just also wearing it instead of pants…

This trend is coming soon to a Forever 21 near you. Will you rock the shirt-as-skirt? Or pass on this denim magic trick?

Check out J’s blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, to see her try out all the latest trends and runway looks for less.

And just in case you wanted to give this a go yourselves, here are the basics, F21 style.

Snap Up Denim Shirt (skirt): $19.80

Extended Basic Tank: $6.80

Forever 21, Fantastic.


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