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Reader WTF: Your Grandmother’s Dress

When we here at WTForever 21 post something about a hideous garment and one of you wonderful commenters says you love it, I will occasionally ask for “pics or it didn’t happen,” but just like that pony I always wanted, I never get any of readers wearing WTF.

That is, until NOW!


This is the beautiful, talented and well dressed Emily, wearing the dress I thought was made specifically to keep us all from getting laid.

“I picked up the offending dress on a recent trip to San Diego and wore it out a couple times while in Palm Springs. I thought it was cute, but that’s not saying much given that I’d wear a feces stained paper bag provided it had a lace, or otherwise cutesy collar, attached. For a polyester frock, the dress “breathed” remarkably well!” she writes.

Emily, you have officially proved me wrong about the dress making it’s wearer unbangable. I would definitely hit that.

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Forever 21, Maybe Not so WTF After All.


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