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WTF or Wonderful: Geo Print Shirtdress

Every so often I run across a piece from Forever 21 that toes the line between WTF and Wonderful.

Geo Print Shirtdress: $19.80

This dress toes one such line.

On the one hand, I could see myself strapping a thin belt around this bitch and rocking it as a tunic over black skinny jeans.

Or even unbottoning it to the tits and throwing on some cute sandals for a lazy Saturday farmer’s market stroll.

On the other hand, the print reminds me of a Fruit Stripe packet on acid. I seriously have the suspicion that if you put on Tommy and light a candle while looking at this dress, you will see your entire life. And The Devil. But then again, we know I’m paranoid.


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Is this WTF or Wonderful?


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Somebody That I Used to Know

So it looks like top 40 radio station DJ’s are not the only people obsessed with Gotye’s Sting-like single, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Bow Back Geo Dress: $11.50

I’m pretty sure this is officially the dress to buy if you were planning on going as the girl from the Somebody That I Used to Know music video.

Once again, Forever 21 is on the forefront of the cutting edge “clothing that is sold with a straight face and expected to be worn as anything other than a Halloween and/or theme party costume” trend.

But know this – If I see someone on the street wearing this Gotye music video dress I am just going to run up to them and shoot, “USED TO KNOWWWW!” at the side of their head.

You have been warned.

Forever 21, You Didn’t Have to CUTTT ME OFFFF.


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