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Shop at Forever 21 Tee



Shop at Forever 21 Tee: $15.90

Are we bragging about this now? And $15.90? They’d have to pay ME to wear that, thing. Not only are you a walking advertisement for Forever 21, you’re also putting your own self on blast.

This is t-shirt equivalent of Madonna’s Instagram. It’s tacky, it’s trying too hard and everyone around it just feels embarrassed for it.


Can we talk about this for a second? Madonna’s Instagram is the most confusing thing in my life right now. It’s like her consciousness has been forcefully inhabited by the souls of all our dead grandparents and one REALLY dominant stripper and their fight for control of The Entity Known as Madonna is playing out through heavily altered, sexual images and posts you’d expect to see on r/forwardsfromgrandma.

Exhibit B:


Ugh. Call me when she starts blaming everything on Obama.

Forever 21 and Madonna, WTF?

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Forever 21′s Dirty, Ripped Up, Busted Secret

Upon my last visit to the day-glow, cheap shit gigolo that is Forever 21, I made the grave (and hilarious) error of forgetting where the fuck I was and expecting their sales rack to contain something other than filthy, tattered rags.

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Now, some of you may be looking at these photos and saying, “Rachel, come on! It’s the sale rack at Forever 21. What do you expect?”

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

I can hear you saying it in your nasally little voices right now. It’s the same tone of voice that your annoying friend uses when she is informing you that the classic rules of Monopoly say no one gets the money in free parking or that you actually did deserve that speeding ticket when you were running late to see Don Jon.

It doesn’t matter what I EXPECT. If I lived my life expecting people (which corporations are – thanks, Romney) to try to sell me turds rolled in glitter with price tags on them at every turn, I’d never leave the house. Especially when I can order them on Amazon from the comfort of my couch, fuck-you-very-much.

For the un-initiated, when a garment is this rough looking…

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

this trashed…

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

and this generally effed…

Forever 21 Ripped Top

you damage it. Meaning you mark it as a damaged, unsaleable piece of shit and take it off the sales floor because, how embarrassing, we don’t want our customers to think homeless people routinely come into the store and just switch whatever they have on for what’s on the hangar in front of them.

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

Well, ok, fine. Given that pretty much all Forever 21 stores cover enough square footage to comfortably accommodate a weight watchers meeting for pachyderms, I gave them  a small amount of leeway and conducted a little experiment to see what the employees would do (or rather, what their beaten down, age-inappropriately dressed manager would do) when confronted with damaged merchandise.

I took one of the sweaters to the cashier and attempted, with a face as straight as Linda and Esther Chang’s pubic hairs, to purchase the item.

Forever 21 Ripped Sweater

“Sure! Oh, is this supposed to be this way?” asked the sales associate as he turned the fretted rag over in his perfectly manicured hands.

“I don’t think so. Actually, I was going to ask if I could get a discount for the damage,” I replied, innocent and doe eyed.

This is the point at which in any respectable store, the sales associate would give the garment a once-over and reply, “Actually, this looks way too damaged for us to sell. I am going to have to mark it as such. I will offer you a 10% discount on any other full sale item in the store. Sorry about that.”

What ACTUALLY happened, is he said he had to get his manager, who then told me the item was already on sale BECAUSE OF THE DAMAGE and that she would not discount it further. That I could still purchase this rag, if I wanted to, but only at the price as marked.

So apparently, instead of taking severely damaged merchandise off the floor and creating some semblance of dignity and respect for the wares they expect people to spend hard earned money on, Forever 21 would rather be in the business of trying to sell people scrap fabric covered in cheap sequins and clutches that look like they belong to a manic depressive drag queen with shaky hands.

Forever 21 Purse Gross

And before you go protesting that “Forever 21 is a fast fashion store! Their clothes are cheap! I don’t expect them to treat their own merchandise (which could eventually become a part if MY wardrobe) with respect,” THINK about that statement and realize that you are culpable in how this company and many others do bad business.

If we don’t hold chains like Forever 21 to even a little bit of a standard, then they won’t have any standard to meet. They’ll do things like rip off small, independent designers, treat their employees like shit and contribute to the scourge of sweat shop labor (allegedly).

So the next time you shell out $9.99 on a damaged top at Forever 21 because “oh, I can just fix it at home” or “It’s just so CHEAP!” remember that you’re not in a charity thrift store. You’re contributing to a billion dollar corporation with arguably questionable ethics and a calculating eye on the bottom line.

An eye they apparently choose to turn blind when confronted with shit like this:

Forever 21 Filthy

Forever 21, WTF?


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WTFrom the Archives – The 11 Items Helping Forever 21 Sell Their Religion

AUGUST 5, 2011

We all knew this day would come.

The day when the ultra-religious views of Forever 21′s owners crept out from under their signature yellow bags and onto their shelves.

They’ve always had a penchant for crosses. A sizeable chunk of their accessory stock is crosses. Bedazzled, jazzled, rhinestone dipped and covered in colorful bling, but crosses none the less. Not a biggie. Madonna, anyone?  But on my most recent visit to the Glendale Galleria’s Forever 21 store and then again while browsing their online catalog, I noticed a disturbing trend in the graphic tees. Some were just hinting at a shadow of religion, which I’ve seen before from them, but NOW? Now there are items going Holy balls to the wall with tops that have what reads like  scripture on them.

Faith Knit Tee: $9.00

Jesus [Heart] You Top: $9.00

Holy Fringe Tank: $13.80

Jesus [Heart] Me Crop Top: $12.80

God Cropped Burnout Tank: $13.80

Cropped Thank God Burnout Top: $17.80

Price/Name unknow - A reader from London sent this in.

I left out the numerous tops with just crosses on them (bedazzled, bejewelered, drag-queen-like crosses) because I thought it would probably be repetitive, but I believe this is a good sampling of the Christian clothing crusade.

In itself, standing alone, the phrase, “Jesus Loves Me” or the word “Holy” splattered across a cheap crop top and worn by some pre-teen Bible thumper doesn’t bother me. I don’t care about your religion. That is, until you use it to make me feel uncomfortable or in a way I think may be preachy.

That’s where THESE tops comes in:

Yours Eternally, God: $13.80

Pray: $14.80

Three Words: $14.80

God Will Guide: $14.80

Amidst the forgettable crosses and Jesus love, THIS stuff jumped out at me, tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, “You are no longer in a store. Welcome to the Sunday morning service you did not sign up for. Now get to prayin’ sinner!”

So, how do you feel about this? Are you alright shopping for deals with a side of Lord and Savior or do you believe in separation of Church and Style?

Forever 21, WTFWJD?


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Wonderful Wednesday: Perfect Pleats for a Lazy Lady

I’m trying something new this Wonderful Wednesday.

It’s called being too lazy to finish writing up The Great Gatsby inspired post I started last night.

Instead, here’s my clothes thrown on the floor in a way I would wear them!

Jacket: Forever 21 $27.80

Top: Macy’s Bar iii

Skirt: Forever 21 $17.80

Necklace: Dunno

Bracelet: Forever 21 $7.80

Shoes: Michael Antonio $44.99

Ring: Ariel Gordon Jewelry – (I got this for basically free with a coupon code)  $75


of this new Wonderful Wednesday format? It comes from the purest place of not wanting to either do research or even put on real clothes.

Let me know in the comments!


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Sexy Sports Bra is Sexy

Maybe I’m just paranoid…

Contrast Trim Racerback Sports Bra: $14.80

But I don’t think Forever 21 made this sports bra for doing actual sports in.

Yeah, come on, man. The only sport you can engage in with this thing on is championship titty fucking, and then it would just get in the way.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Lacquered Pharaoh Necklace: WalkTF Like an Egyptian

Oh, great.

Lacquered Pharaoh Necklace: $8.80

Apparently someone didn’t learn their lesson about Navajo and native “styles” and now we are going to have to endure Egyptian accessories and gladiator sandals and dress that look like sarcophagus.

And also medallions with creepy thousand yard stares.

Look at him. That necklace has SEEN some shit.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Forever 21 Holding Out on Luscious Canada

Every once in a while I like to head over the Canada side of Forever 21 and see what horrors they offer those fine people. Having done such a thing today, my question to the Canadian readers is this – How do you sleep at night knowing Forever 21 is marketing THIS to  United Statesians and not to you?

Kid ‘N’ Play Tee: $17.80

Canada, you poor, deprived, beautiful little fool.

The best part of this is Kid’s hand gesture.

It’s like he had a fist full of fucks and just threw those bitches up in the air like “AND WHAT.”

Play is not amused.


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Ding, Dong the WTF is Dead!

This reminds me of something.

Mesh Panel Leggings: $12.80

Why do I keep getting a vision of midgets in brightly colored wigs dancing joyfully around these leggings ?

Why am I suddenly thinking about flying monkeys and emeralds and leathery, unnaturally colored skin?

Was Madonna wearing them in her latest music video?

Oh. Right.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Wonderful Wednesday: Chanel without the Credit Card Hell

Living in Los Angeles amongst both the rich and the famous, I am presented almost daily with a double edged sword of delights and disappointments.

We have amazing restaurants with amazing food that are sometimes so amazing you have to wait a fortnight before you can actually eat in them.

The streets are littered with beautiful women and the odds of seeing an actual celebrity can go from slim to none to almost unavoidable with the change of a zip code.

And, most importantly, we have every shop you could ever want and every shop you could never afford to actually shop in.

One of those shops just happens to be one of my favorites.

One of those shops is Chanel.

Even though I love the crisp, clean lines and posh quilted loveliness this super luxe brand has to offer, I’m in no position to pay super luxe prices.

However, through the wonders of Forever 21′s copy cattish homage items to Chanel, we can all indulge our silly desire to look like skeleton puppet genius Karl Lagerfeld’s dream girl.

Leatherette Rose Bag: $19.00

If you can’t afford Rodeo Drive, why not just take a stroll down Front Street?

Take a walk with me, ladies. It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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Birkenstock WTF

Just when you were sure Birkenstocks couldn’t look any more gross, here come knock off Birkenstocks from Forever 21 to prove you wrong.


Leather Footbed Sandals: $19.80

Used to be you could only find these babies at outdoor stores, specific mall locations and in the direct opposite location of a penis, but now they are also available at Forever 21. Huzzah.

Footbed sandals? WTF is a Footbed? Are they suggesting these ill formed, dollar store variety Flinstoneian messes are like beds for your feet? Please. I’m getting blisters just looking at them.

Forever 21, WTF?


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