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Friday Recap

Admittedly, I’ve been a little MIA this week but here’s a wrap-up of what happened in the world of WTF!

1. You were all charged with deciding whether the below dress was WTF or Wonderful.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

And the final decision based on your comments was basically that you couldn’t decide. Just as many people thought this thing was Wonderful as they did WTF. Maybe further in store investigation is necessary?

2. I haven’t been posting so much this week. I apologize, but here’s why…

For those of you who have never had the sometimes dubious pleasure of living with a small, baby cat, I’ll go ahead and give you some advice.

If you value sleep, quiet moments, not touching poop on accident and having scratch free body parts, kittens are not for you.

She is cute though.

3. Over on the Facebook page we had a reader catch a strange animal print phenomenon in the plus-size section of Forever 21.

Best Facebook comment on this photo goes to Michelle Michsi Ottley:

You were ALL thinking it.


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The Shocker, The Rocker, The Showstopper

Most people don’t understand sign language, but almost everyone in the developed world can recognize a few choice hand signals.

Hand signals like “Thumbs Up.”

Thumps Up/Down Cropped Tee: $12.90

“Thumbs Down”

“The Shocker”

“The Rocker”

and “The Showstopper.”

If only Facebook would incorporate these. We could get rid of commenting all together and every response would be a different variation of “YES.”

Come on, Zuckerberg! Get your shit together.

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Facebook Debate

HEY YOU! You like to argue, right?
We’re having a good old fashioned debate on Facebook about whether or not Forever 21 selling a knock-off  what everyone seems to think is a  Kurt Cobain original (it isn’t – the design is courtesy of the band Flipper) is unethical and sleazy or just good business sense as usual.
As reported on Vol. 1 Brooklyn, the tee was a product of Cobain’s own magic marker artwork. They however neglect to mention that while Forever 21 was selling the item for $16.90 online (it sold out since this morning when the post went up) the music merch online retailer Worn Free also sells the licensed product, only they sell it for a whopping $45.
Throw in your 2 cents on WTForever 21′s Facebook page. You won’t believe which way the conversation is leaning.

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