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Wedding Blog! Maybe.

As a blogger in the fashion world it’s fairly customary to include a large portion of your personal self in posts. And while I do partake in the occasional photo shoot for WTForever 21, I’m not exactly in the same league as a serious stylist blogger.


Exhibit A.

In fact, despite all my rants and raves, complaints and cry babying over faux fur and floral anything, I manage to keep my personal life pretty well out of WTForever 21.

This is 75% because I don’t think you guys give a shit, with the other 25% falling into the category of “I’m lazy and don’t wanna.”

Recently, however, a Twitter follower implored me to share something personal with the world. Something personal and something I’m so very excited about I can barely believe its actually happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, chickadees and chick magnets, I am officially getting married.


Now don’t panic. This blog will NOT be turning into a wedding blog or a domestic blog. BUT… I am thinking about starting one on the side. With a cynical, snarky twist, of course.

Now before I decide whether or not to dive headlong into the world of cupcakes, gowns, invites, guest lists and all the chocolate dipped bullshit that comes along with it, I want to know from you all whether or not you’re even interested.

There’s a poll going on the Facebook page where you can give your opinion with a vote OR you can leave me a comment on this post.

So, let me know! Would you like to see a wedding/domestic blog that tackles getting married on a budget with a whole lot of humor and true to life advice thrown in? Or are there too many wedding blogs out there as it is?

Don’t forget to comment here or vote on Facebook!


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Wonderful Wednesday: Wedding Season

For most people the days right around the holidays mean eating good food, being with the ones they love and giving and getting great gifts. But for a select few who, together, make up a whole bunch this time of year, the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are filled with a little extra excitement and a whole lot more anxiety.

Ladies in long term relationships – brace yourselves. Engagement season has officially begun.

So in the spirit of this magical time of year, and also because I’d like to indulge in my own matrimonial fantasies, this Wonderful Wednesday is dedicated to all things wedding! Budget wedding at that!


Lace and Pleats Dress: $29.80

This is the most inexpensive alternative wedding dress I have ever come across.


With the sweet pleats and lace top, it’s perfect for a bride on a serious budget who is having a less than formal affair. If the black ribbon bothers you, snip it off and cover it up with a satin one of your color choice.


Say you do. You know you wanna. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.



Peekaboo Shoulder Dress: $16.90


Suplice Neckline Dress: $24.80

Forget the old clich├ęs about bridesmaids dresses being ugly. These are your best friends! Put them in something chic, sexy and affordable they can wear again and again.



Glittered Flats: $16.80


Suedette Peeptoe Slingbacks: $24.80

Blinged out black flats for the reception and something blue in a sky high heel for the ceremony. If the wood grain on those sling backs bothers you, cover that part with some clear glue and cost the area in gold leaf or your choice of glitter. You could also paint over it with a high shine lacquer.



Graduated Tear drop Earrings: $3.80


Opaque Beaded Circle Earrings: $5.80


Love Trio Bangle Set: $6.80


Sparkle Woven Bracelet: $6.80

So many jewelry options under $10, so little time! The possibilities are practically endless, but I’d keep it simple as you can with muted colors and classic details.

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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