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Somebody That I Used to Know

So it looks like top 40 radio station DJ’s are not the only people obsessed with Gotye’s Sting-like single, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Bow Back Geo Dress: $11.50

I’m pretty sure this is officially the dress to buy if you were planning on going as the girl from the Somebody That I Used to Know music video.

Once again, Forever 21 is on the forefront of the cutting edge “clothing that is sold with a straight face and expected to be worn as anything other than a Halloween and/or theme party costume” trend.

But know this – If I see someone on the street wearing this Gotye music video dress I am just going to run up to them and shoot, “USED TO KNOWWWW!” at the side of their head.

You have been warned.

Forever 21, You Didn’t Have to CUTTT ME OFFFF.


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Wonderful Wednesday: Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Dame

I love summertime.

Summertime, when the days are long and warm and we can spend weekends in the grass, dining on ripe, red strawberries like fat little rabbits. When legs go bare and shoulder blades brown up in the golden sun.

 Right now the trend is neon colored hipster frenzy in tube tops and cheesy cut offs, but today I am calling for a return to the lady-like art of summer wear.

Time to put on your big girl pants.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Chanel without the Credit Card Hell

Living in Los Angeles amongst both the rich and the famous, I am presented almost daily with a double edged sword of delights and disappointments.

We have amazing restaurants with amazing food that are sometimes so amazing you have to wait a fortnight before you can actually eat in them.

The streets are littered with beautiful women and the odds of seeing an actual celebrity can go from slim to none to almost unavoidable with the change of a zip code.

And, most importantly, we have every shop you could ever want and every shop you could never afford to actually shop in.

One of those shops just happens to be one of my favorites.

One of those shops is Chanel.

Even though I love the crisp, clean lines and posh quilted loveliness this super luxe brand has to offer, I’m in no position to pay super luxe prices.

However, through the wonders of Forever 21′s copy cattish homage items to Chanel, we can all indulge our silly desire to look like skeleton puppet genius Karl Lagerfeld’s dream girl.

Leatherette Rose Bag: $19.00

If you can’t afford Rodeo Drive, why not just take a stroll down Front Street?

Take a walk with me, ladies. It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day outfit.


You are doing it.

You are doing it all wrong.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Wonderful Wednesday: All White Everything

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather here in Los Angeles or just the eager beaver in me wanting to get a jump on my bangin’ ass Easter Outfit, but I have a serious hankering to wear me some white.


Turtle Neck Sequin Dress: $29.80

Now, I know this colorless color is mostly reserved for the Spring time and the dress code of rap mogul birthday parties, but wearing white can make a lady look so damn fine and fancified it’s worth jumping the gun.

Plus it’s Wonderful Wednesday. And on Wonderful Wednesday, we does what the fuck we WANTS.


Mesh Spaghetti Top: $19.80

There is no love lost between me and mesh anything. Most of the time it manages to make the person wearing it look somehow simultaneously sloppy AND like they’re trying too hard, but this top is an exception.

The soft dip of the fabric and the tight, neat circle spaces on the mesh makes it both work and weekend errand appropriate.


Embellished Knit Cardigan: $29.80

With a new season of Mad Men perched on the horizon, this ivory cardigan with its delicate bead trim is the perfect way to get your Peggy Olson on.


Beaded Burst Clutch: $22.80

We all know beaded Ice Queen envelope clutches are not for everyday wear (at least I HOPE we all know this) but on a special occasion or night out the all white appliqué is subdued enough to be classic and sparkly enough to be eye catching.


Sunglasses: $5.80

If these don’t make you feel like Beyonce on Caribbean yacht vacation then I don’t know what will.

Okay, I know what will but where are we going to find a diamond encrusted thong bikini and a Jay Z look-a-like on such short notice? Forget it, lady.

Forever 21, Wonderful.

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What Not to Wear on New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a beast of a holiday. It combines the unrealistic expectations of Valentine’s Day, the excessive drinking of a 21st birthday and all the outfit fretting of Halloween rolled into one ridiculous evening that by definition can’t help but disappoint.

This is made even worse by the assumption you should look like your outfit was weaved out of unicorn manes, your make up was applied by a magical fairy godmother and your hair was laid perfectly into place by singing woodland creatures.

Just in case you don’t have a team of fashion savvy mice to sew you a ball gown in time for this December 31, here’s a list of items to avoid wearing as you ring in the new year.


Headwrap: $3.80

This is why Swamis and genies of the lamp do not get laid on New Years Eve. That and they’re too busy either following a deeply spiritual, religious path or being a mythical creature of lore.


Bodycon Zebra Dress: $19.80

Pro tip: If you can avoid looking like you skinned a gay pride zebra and dipped it in Presto Polyester juice, please try. This is not cute.


Sequined Bomber Jacket: $19.80

Unless you plan on doing a slow motion cannon ball off a tall building to coincide with the midnight countdown, do not place this glittering mistake on your body.


Sequined Beret: $18.80

Girl, do I even have to say anything. Disco Mushroom is not a good look for anyone, especially at midnight. Make the resolution to keep your dignity in 2012.

Forever 21, Happy New Year!

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Abstract Painting Dress

Now just look at this.

This right here is a damn shame.


Abstract Painting Dress: $15.80

This looks like something Grace Jones would have worn on a Mardi Gras float in 1983.


Why anyone would want to look like Chiquita Banana’s meth head step daughter is beyond me.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Hello Kitty Hits Forever 21: Part 1

When I found out a few weeks ago Hello Kitty was doing a collabo collection for Forever 21, I braced myself for WTF well beyond what we know today.



High-Low Hello Kitty Dress: $22.80

They did not disappoint, as is evidenced by the dress above. It’s on the cutting edge of fashion. I heard Ass Capes are all the rage in Milan this season.

I’m going to do a much longer, in depth post on this collabo. Some of the stuff is actually adorable (most of it being socks, umbrellas and other accessories). It’s pretty big collection.

Check out the full look book for online purchase here.


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Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

My favorite thing about holiday parties is the sequins. It’s as if for a few days between Thanksgiving and January 1, the rules of the world are turned topsy-twinkly and everything, including wardrobes, seem to project a little extra shimmer.

Let us pay homage to the most wonderful time of the year with a post that’s all about holiday sparkle.


Sequin Sweetheart Dress: $27.80

Come join the party. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Taking out the Trash

I seriously don’t know whether people are supposed to wear this on their bodies …


or use it to line their trash bins.

Forever 21, WTF?


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