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Forever 21′s Dirty, Ripped Up, Busted Secret

Upon my last visit to the day-glow, cheap shit gigolo that is Forever 21, I made the grave (and hilarious) error of forgetting where the fuck I was and expecting their sales rack to contain something other than filthy, tattered rags.

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

Now, some of you may be looking at these photos and saying, “Rachel, come on! It’s the sale rack at Forever 21. What do you expect?”

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

I can hear you saying it in your nasally little voices right now. It’s the same tone of voice that your annoying friend uses when she is informing you that the classic rules of Monopoly say no one gets the money in free parking or that you actually did deserve that speeding ticket when you were running late to see Don Jon.

It doesn’t matter what I EXPECT. If I lived my life expecting people (which corporations are – thanks, Romney) to try to sell me turds rolled in glitter with price tags on them at every turn, I’d never leave the house. Especially when I can order them on Amazon from the comfort of my couch, fuck-you-very-much.

For the un-initiated, when a garment is this rough looking…

Forever 21 Ripped Dress

this trashed…

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

and this generally effed…

Forever 21 Ripped Top

you damage it. Meaning you mark it as a damaged, unsaleable piece of shit and take it off the sales floor because, how embarrassing, we don’t want our customers to think homeless people routinely come into the store and just switch whatever they have on for what’s on the hangar in front of them.

Forever 21 Ripped Shirt

Well, ok, fine. Given that pretty much all Forever 21 stores cover enough square footage to comfortably accommodate a weight watchers meeting for pachyderms, I gave them  a small amount of leeway and conducted a little experiment to see what the employees would do (or rather, what their beaten down, age-inappropriately dressed manager would do) when confronted with damaged merchandise.

I took one of the sweaters to the cashier and attempted, with a face as straight as Linda and Esther Chang’s pubic hairs, to purchase the item.

Forever 21 Ripped Sweater

“Sure! Oh, is this supposed to be this way?” asked the sales associate as he turned the fretted rag over in his perfectly manicured hands.

“I don’t think so. Actually, I was going to ask if I could get a discount for the damage,” I replied, innocent and doe eyed.

This is the point at which in any respectable store, the sales associate would give the garment a once-over and reply, “Actually, this looks way too damaged for us to sell. I am going to have to mark it as such. I will offer you a 10% discount on any other full sale item in the store. Sorry about that.”

What ACTUALLY happened, is he said he had to get his manager, who then told me the item was already on sale BECAUSE OF THE DAMAGE and that she would not discount it further. That I could still purchase this rag, if I wanted to, but only at the price as marked.

So apparently, instead of taking severely damaged merchandise off the floor and creating some semblance of dignity and respect for the wares they expect people to spend hard earned money on, Forever 21 would rather be in the business of trying to sell people scrap fabric covered in cheap sequins and clutches that look like they belong to a manic depressive drag queen with shaky hands.

Forever 21 Purse Gross

And before you go protesting that “Forever 21 is a fast fashion store! Their clothes are cheap! I don’t expect them to treat their own merchandise (which could eventually become a part if MY wardrobe) with respect,” THINK about that statement and realize that you are culpable in how this company and many others do bad business.

If we don’t hold chains like Forever 21 to even a little bit of a standard, then they won’t have any standard to meet. They’ll do things like rip off small, independent designers, treat their employees like shit and contribute to the scourge of sweat shop labor (allegedly).

So the next time you shell out $9.99 on a damaged top at Forever 21 because “oh, I can just fix it at home” or “It’s just so CHEAP!” remember that you’re not in a charity thrift store. You’re contributing to a billion dollar corporation with arguably questionable ethics and a calculating eye on the bottom line.

An eye they apparently choose to turn blind when confronted with shit like this:

Forever 21 Filthy

Forever 21, WTF?


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WTFavorite Things: Lulu*s Giveaway



Lulu*s is one of my favorite retailers for on-trend party dresses. And I’m not just saying that because they’ve so graciously agreed to give one of you this “Heart to Get Dress.” Which they have.

As someone who enjoys the filly things in life, I’m always looking for cute ways to show my girly side in my style choices (a lady cannot live on WTFs alone).

This minty, magical, sparkly moment of a dress from Lulu*s contains all the ingredients to get me feeling like a sexy little teacup without overexposing my chesticles or giving anyone around me a non-refundable and unsolicited ticket to The Booty Show.

Enter below for your chance to win this glittering dandy from Lulu*s and make sure to come back every day for more prizes, deals and dirty fashion deeds.

Name: *
Address: *
E-mail: *
Word Verification:


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Wonderful or WTF: Cutout Dress

Like a chronic dieter who just blew through a weeks worth of calories at a Vegas buffet or someone who just got talked into getting DDD implants instead of the tasteful, pleasantly full C cups she planned on, I am confused as to whether I like this or not.


Cutout Mid Length Dress with Belt: $24.80

Yes, my dear, fluffy chickens. Confusion once again has me pressed against her heaving bust. It is up to you to tear me from her clutches or give the go ahead for epic motor boating.

So what do YOU think? Is it Dita Von Teese or Dita Von Don’t?



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Wonderful or WTF: Retro Print Tie Back Dress

Every now and again I find myself caught between feelings and fall into an abyss of deep emotional turmoil. Like that moment right after you eat the WHOLE DAMN THING. You know it’s bad, but it also felt SO damn good.

It’s kind of like enjoying the smell of your own fart, not being sure if the milk is spoiled and trying to figure out if tonight is a date or if you’re just going over to his place to “hang out,” all rolled into one.

I lead a very confusing life.



Retro Print Tie Back Dress: $27.80

This dress is just another in a long line of head scratchers. I enjoy the length and the tie back detail but the print, ladies and gentlemen? The print is That 70′s Couch status. It looks like upholstery. And trust me, it is NOT good for your self esteem to have someone mistake you for an arm chair at a house party.


Let’s discuss it in the comments, shall we?


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Wonderful Wednesday: Palms Springs Getaway

One thing I love about being an adult is the ability to design and decide my own vacations.

You see, I’m turning 28 in August of this year and after much deliberation and doubt and a whole lot of “I’m too old to celebrate my birthday” thoughts, I have decided on not only WHAT I want to do for my birthday but also on where I want to be.

And that where happens to be in the desert. Palm Springs to be exact. The crazy hipster haven of The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to be even more so.

Photos courtesy of Flickr users massdistraction, joeywan and Mathew Foster.

Just picture it. Sun, fun, drinks, cabanas, fire, food and poolside shenanigans. Baking in the delightful haze of cheeseburgers and frozen liquor treats. All this and more I could not resist.

Now there’s only one thing left to do, chickens.

Plan the outfits!

Get ready for the hot, hot heat!

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Friday Recap

Admittedly, I’ve been a little MIA this week but here’s a wrap-up of what happened in the world of WTF!

1. You were all charged with deciding whether the below dress was WTF or Wonderful.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

And the final decision based on your comments was basically that you couldn’t decide. Just as many people thought this thing was Wonderful as they did WTF. Maybe further in store investigation is necessary?

2. I haven’t been posting so much this week. I apologize, but here’s why…

For those of you who have never had the sometimes dubious pleasure of living with a small, baby cat, I’ll go ahead and give you some advice.

If you value sleep, quiet moments, not touching poop on accident and having scratch free body parts, kittens are not for you.

She is cute though.

3. Over on the Facebook page we had a reader catch a strange animal print phenomenon in the plus-size section of Forever 21.

Best Facebook comment on this photo goes to Michelle Michsi Ottley:

You were ALL thinking it.


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Wonderful or WTF? Cutout Collar Dress

If you haven’t flipped through a magazine or trolled a celebrity style blog lately, then you probably aren’t aware of the cutout trend that’s clomped a trail off the runways and onto the bodies of famous and normal people alike this summer.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

Usually the awkward slits and even more awkward wide triangle shapes cut out of perfectly good dresses focus on the waist area or that ever so sexy area on a woman’s body she is always trying to accentuate – her ribs.

But this little pink dandy has focused its efforts North and created a kind of floating collar effect. I can’t decide if this is really cool or just really dumb.

On one hand it looks almost futuristic. Like casual wear from 2001. Or something Judy Jetson would throw on for a picnic in a park elevated above the smog.

On the other hand, it also looks just fucking silly and impractical. The tan lines alone would be a pain in the ass.


Is this dress Wonderful or is it yet another garment to filed under WTF? Your comments will decide its fate when I do a recap post on Friday!


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Wild Leopard Print Shift Dress

In all my time as a connoisseur of WTF

Wild Leopard Print Shirt Dress: $19.80

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sad faux leopard skin sheet.

Just look at it…

Probably torn from its warm place a semi permanent fixture in Katt Williams’ bedroom, it seems almost depressed to be dangling from the bony frame of this model.

Mangled by strange zipper placement.

Humiliating shapelessness.

Someone should turn it into a set of small throw pillow covers, toss them in the green room of an Ed Hardy themed night club and end this macabre charade.

Forever 21, You’re so Cruel…

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WTF or Wonderful: Geo Print Shirtdress

Every so often I run across a piece from Forever 21 that toes the line between WTF and Wonderful.

Geo Print Shirtdress: $19.80

This dress toes one such line.

On the one hand, I could see myself strapping a thin belt around this bitch and rocking it as a tunic over black skinny jeans.

Or even unbottoning it to the tits and throwing on some cute sandals for a lazy Saturday farmer’s market stroll.

On the other hand, the print reminds me of a Fruit Stripe packet on acid. I seriously have the suspicion that if you put on Tommy and light a candle while looking at this dress, you will see your entire life. And The Devil. But then again, we know I’m paranoid.


Leave me a comment.

Is this WTF or Wonderful?


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Hola, Chicas!

This Wonderful Wednesday is dedicated to pieces with the rosey and red colors that match fiery, Mexican hearts around the globe and all the people who will become enchilé from the fiery Mexican food to be consumed this Cinco de Mayo.

Charo y Rick Salvador

Viva Mexico, Putas.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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