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Winter Hats

Overheard the first cliche clothing thought of the season this morning.

Responded accordingly.

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Wonderful Wednesday: The Dark Knight Rises to Steal Catwoman’s Style

By now I am sure a plump handful of you have seen the very anticipated, very controversial and very good The Dark Knight Rises.

With all its action packed, fanboy pleasing, comic book come to real life content, The Dark Knight Rises may also be the most emotional comic book movie in recent history. Where the final third of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy really shines is in the characters, not in the crash and burn.

And like all good little clothes obsessed gals who watched Anne Hathaway struck, circle and flip around the screen, I was captivated not only by her mental and physical acrobatics, but also by her black and beautiful style.


Today I’ll show you how to dress like Catwoman, minus the Cosplay and without a jewel thief’s budget.

Meow, my chickens. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.


Pleated Cutout Back Dress: $29.80


Pearlescent Studs: $1.50


Pearlescent Necklace: $4.80


Scrunci Headband 4 Pack: $3.69

Just normal headbands. No ears. This is not a costume. Put ears on these headbands at the risk of your own dignity. I will not be held responsible for your shame.

Except on Halloween. Then go for it!


OPI The Color of Minnie: $8.50

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Skantily Clad

This will be a controversial post.

Price: $27.80

There are some among you who, despite everything our eyes, hearts and common damn sense tell us, like the look of harem pants.

If you are one of those poor, unfortunate souls do yourself a favor and check out the bottom half of this screenshot the next time you’re about to strap on a pair of mass-produced Skants, as Regretsy calls them.

Do you really want someone to be reminded of Danny Devito’s turn as the Penguin when they see you wearing these?

As much as I love Danny Devito, I don’t ever want to be compared to him in hushed whispers at a cocktail party. And there is no way you’re going to get with handsome Michael Keaton Batman from 1992 wearing those things.

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