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Wonderful Wednesday: Palms Springs Getaway

One thing I love about being an adult is the ability to design and decide my own vacations.

You see, I’m turning 28 in August of this year and after much deliberation and doubt and a whole lot of “I’m too old to celebrate my birthday” thoughts, I have decided on not only WHAT I want to do for my birthday but also on where I want to be.

And that where happens to be in the desert. Palm Springs to be exact. The crazy hipster haven of The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to be even more so.

Photos courtesy of Flickr users massdistraction, joeywan and Mathew Foster.

Just picture it. Sun, fun, drinks, cabanas, fire, food and poolside shenanigans. Baking in the delightful haze of cheeseburgers and frozen liquor treats. All this and more I could not resist.

Now there’s only one thing left to do, chickens.

Plan the outfits!

Get ready for the hot, hot heat!

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: How to Dress for The Hunger Games

Like so very many if you out there in the land of WTF, I have recently become completely, butt crazy obsessed with the series that is The Hunger Games.

The story of a future world where teenagers are pitted against each other in an annual to-the-death, no holds barred arena game is not exactly new territory.  Never the less Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the wildly popular Hunger Games trilogy, and her tough yet vulnerable, trusting yet cynical, beautiful yet brutal character has managed to work her way into my dark, shriveled little heart as well as the hearts of millions around the globe.

In hot anticipation of The Hunger Games’ March 23 opening date ( as well as the multitude of movie goers who will be seeing it dressed as their favorite character) and to honor the positive spirit WTForever 21 tries to embody during this time of the week, I present your guide for what to wear to The Hunger Games.

Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) & Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)

Belted Sundress: $14.80

May the odds be ever in your favor. It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY: Members Only on Intersect.com


It’s a hard fact of life that there are some things just too hot, too hilarious, too sexy and too plain WTF for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

A few weeks ago when Facebook censored my camel toe crotch shots from Forever 21, it dawned on me that banter and bullshitting this out of control needs a private forum.

THUS, I’ve partnered with Intersect.com to bring you the Members only world of WTForever 21!


And because I like to reward naughty behavior (take THAT, Santa), I’m also hosting an exclusive giveaway on Intersect.com for Members only.

1. Just sign up for Intersect.com (it’s free)
2. and follow me (Rachel Kane).

Here’s the free swag up for grabs!


Express Metallic Mesh Ruched Wristlet


Sequin Open Stitch Infinity Scarf

The deadline for entries on this members only free giveaway is 12am EST on Friday, December 9.

I look forward to seeing you in the Members only WTForever 21 community on Intersect.com. I’ll be sharing my interactive timeline and map of both reader WTF and my own pics, videos and posts deemed too awesome for the the non-private world.

It’s kind of like those Jerry Springer tapes they sell that are Too Hot for TV and feature a lot of “You ARE the father” break dancing sessions, followed by ladies ripping off each other’s earrings and weaves.

But only free and much, much funnier.



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Wonderful Wednesday: It’s the Little Things

I’m the kind of gal who obsesses over details, and just like any other borderline debilitating disorder, this has been and remains to be both a gift and a curse. Now, there’s some details I just can’t abide by (rosettes, I’m snarling at you) and you’ve all read me rail against unnecessary ruffles and fringe. But sometimes bad details can make for great style.

Rosette Mesh Dress: $22.80

Get ready to sweat the small stuff.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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