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UPDATE – Another Artist Alleges Forever 21 Stole his Design

Just a short day after Forever 21 came under fire for alleged illegal labor practices, yet another independent artist is accusing the international retail giant of stealing their design and slapping it on a cheap tee.


According to his Twitter account, New York based artist Jon Contino was shocked when a friend sent the link for the above tee on the left side currently being sold by Forever 21 online and in stores around the country.

Contino created the piece, with it’s distinctive scrawled text over an even more distinctive anchor design, for his wife as a token of love. Turns out she wasn’t the only one who thought it was awesome.

Now, this is not, by any stretch, the first time Forever 21 has been accused of stealing designs, patterns and intellectual property from artists, so the similarities between their tee and Contino’s art does not surprise me.

But as a consumer? Someone who has a choice in where she spends her money and can make my opinions know through that choice? This does disappoint.


As of 6pm PST, this item is no longer available online. I figured that would happen. Guess who took a screenshot, bitches?


Forever 21, WTF?


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