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Mineral Wash Chambray Joggers

Awwwwwwwwwwww, SHIT!


Mineral Wash Chambray Joggers: $17.90

These dope ass joggers that are definitely NOT acid washed sweat pants are in FULL EFFECT, ya’ll.

These bad boys have been expertly crafted to attract HELLA fly honeys.




I don’t even have to SAY it. It’s the PERFECT silhouette. Lady on top, off-duty Vanilla Ice impersonator on the bottom. SO GLAD this is in style right now. DAMN, we are living the DREAM.

Word to Your Mother, Forever21.

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Acid Wash Denim Jumpsuit

There comes a time in the life of every multi-national clothing retailer when they must face a challenge. A challenge seemingly insurmountable. The challenge being how to make jumpsuits more dumb.


Button Up Denim Jumper: $37.80

Lovelies, Forever 21 has wrestled that challenge into the dirt, wrapped it in acid wash denim from head to toe and hogtied it with a good, sturdy price tag.


Pleated fronts. *Shiver*

Side fact* – this piece was modeled after what NASCAR pit crews and house painters in Mentos commercials wear in their downtime.

Forever 21, WTF?

*Not a fact at all.


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Saved by the WTF

Certain trends, like a one-night stand or a mysterious rash, add nothing to our lives and serve to only seriously overstay their welcome.

The 80′s trend is one such rude and unruly visitor.

Vibrant Geo Top: $10.80

I can’t think of a style choice more up its own ass right now. At least the whole Ed Hardy thing had the decency to slither back into the Drakkar Noir scented darkness from whence it came. But no matter how much I want it to end, tops with brightly colored shapes that look like drunken toddlers drew them seem to persist at Forever 21.

The fact that every article of clothing like this top hasn’t spontaneously burst into flames or unhooked itself from hangers in the store and walked straight into heavy traffic is PROOF no one is listening to my many prayers.

Forever 21, like, WTF?


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