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Pretty in Not Quite Pink

We all know the 80′s movie moment. When the here to fore “awkward” and “ugly” girl comes down the stairs or makes her dramatic entrance at the prom or peaks around the kitchen door corner to reveal herself, reincarnated by sassy black friend or sheer determination of will, to now be a “hottie.”

Asymmetrical Dress with Mesh Panels: $19.80

This dress is the epitome of that moment.

Inexplicably predictable, totally unbelievable, a cheap ploy for audience attention, awkward as all Heidi Montag and just transparent enough to be vulgar.

This is what you call jumping the clothing shark. Maybe I should have posted this as a costume because if you tease your hair, throw on some ripped pantyhose, red lipstick and fake blood you could easily be an anonymous Patrick Bateman victim from “American Psycho.”

Forever 21,


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Wearable Soundtrack of the ’80s

This post goes out to all you ladies and lads who railed against me for hating so super hard on harem pants.

“Try them! They’re really comfy and I get compliments on mine all the time.”

“Not ALL harem pants look bad. You just have to pick the right ones.”

“You just don’t like harem pants because you have dignity and don’t like people laughing behind your back in the streets.”

Ok, I made that last comment up, but regardless!

To all you harem pant loving peeps, I have one thing to say.

Fuck. You.

Fuck you, because, shit … you were KIND of right.

Zebra Harem Pant: $15.80

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