Stay Classy YOLO

When obnoxious teens who don’t want to use condoms and rappers who have feuds with scumbags that beat the ever loving shit out of their girlfriends started saying, “YOLO” this year, I was confronted with a life dilemma. Just like that Natalie Imbruglia song, I was hella torn, ya’ll.

You Only Live Once Muscle Tee: $17.80

Torn between the douche-bag-iness. Torn between the fake Thug Life  of light skinned finger waves and whatever alcoholic drink is trendy and/or paying for mentions that month. Torn between what would eventually become a hipster co-opting of this generation’s “Stay Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi” and the inevitable backlash that followed. However, this shirt is just so fucking lame I think it’s officially killed YOLO for good.

With this newest, albeit quite a bit too late, addition to the lore of YOLO, I’m pretty sure Forever 21 has managed to put the sleeveless, bedazzled, generic font nail in the coffin.

I know it’s hard to keep up with the whims of an entire generation, but if you can’t at least make t-shirts that are timely in their God awfulness, what are you under-employing all those workers for?

Forever 21, WTF?


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  1. Your site is just plain pathetic, you can hate the store, but, really?, making an entire site for it?, is too much, if you hate it, keep it for yourself. I understand that you dont like it, its okay, its your opinion, but get over it, you are just talking about the bad side, f21 has really nice clothes, if you search you will find, so, ok, they have some pretty ugly stuff, but, if you hate it so much why do you even need to talk about it?

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