Spread Eagle Returns!

In further proof that you can’t keep a good giggle down, Forever 21 has managed (for the time being) to allow the Spread Eagle ring to exist on the Canadian side of it’s online catalog.

There it is, in all it’s juvenile, “Hahaha – that’s what porn actresses do for money” glory.

And below is the cleaned up version which mysteriously made the switch days after WTForever 21′s original post.

Either they forgot to change it on the Canadian site or they just think Americans are prudes. Or there is some other explanation I’m not thinking of. In any case, this proves I’m not insane (in this instance) and that the Spread Eagle ring does indeed exist.

Fly high, Spread Eagle. Fly high.


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8 Responses to Spread Eagle Returns!

  1. Jen

    I think Canadians are a lot less ‘sensitive’ and less likely to cause an uproar over such a name. LOL

  2. administrator

    Dirty, sexy Canadians. Those sluts.

  3. ILoveThisPage

    OMG haha….
    well, at least we know that Forever21 has subscribed to you’re website and checks them regularly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change the name in the Canadian website like tomorrow or something hahahaha

  4. i’m so glad your site has some pull that they would change the name LMBO either way I don’t want to wear the little fucker unless i’m headed to some biker gang ball.

  5. administrator

    The spread eagle ring has to be one of my favorite things from F21 in a long while. The ring itself is one of the silliest accessories ever and then to call it that. I laughed really heartily when I read it.

  6. administrator

    Oh, I am pretty sure someone connected to F21 looks at my blog at least once a day. An employee somewhere sees it.

  7. B Jonas

    Your amused reaction to this maligned representation of the revered simbol of our country merely reflects the obscene,cynical,bazaar and macabre bent and I mean bent!,nature of your sense of humor.To equate the image of this poor bird, now attempting to avoid extinction, with overt sexual inuendo,might be considered genius by some, but it is also just plain weird. Would you suggest flight with closed legs.
    With all due respect……….

  8. administrator

    Lol @ extinction.

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