Slave Rings: They are a Real Thing

Yesterday I posted a pic of this ring (I use that word loosely. If I had to describe this accessory to a Martian I would probably call it a plastic hand toupee.) on the Facebook page.

Breaded Bracelet Ring: $5.80

Those exposed to this hand enhancement product experienced reactions ranging from nostalgic recognition – apparently these were acceptable in the 90′s – to confusion.

One commenter asked, “What is that? Wicker?”

Listen here, Forever 21.

When a customer asks the question, “What is that? Wicker?” about one of your rings, you are DOING RINGS WRONG.

Forever 21, WickerTF?


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4 Responses to Slave Rings: They are a Real Thing

  1. OMG! I died when I read this! DIED! I’m a star. Big Hugs to you R! xo

    And also, I still cannot believe that “Slave Rings” are a thing. Let’s just all be happy that F21 did not include that in the despcription. Where does one wear a beaded (wicker?) hand enhancement? I cannot see myself wearing one during any moment of my life. Jesus. I must be seriously out of style. Stale yo.

  2. Haaaaaaaaahahahahah ….. Wicker. I think I’ll pass on the wicker look thank you!

  3. Best. Website. Ever.

  4. Jilliene

    I totally rocked those in middle school (early 2000s). I had three of them from Claire’s. I thought I was the coolest.

    My hippy grandma said she remembered wearing similar ones in her day….

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