Sexy Sports Bra is Sexy

Maybe I’m just paranoid…

Contrast Trim Racerback Sports Bra: $14.80

But I don’t think Forever 21 made this sports bra for doing actual sports in.

Yeah, come on, man. The only sport you can engage in with this thing on is championship titty fucking, and then it would just get in the way.

Forever 21, WTF?


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6 Responses to Sexy Sports Bra is Sexy

  1. Is it just me or is she clearly wearing a wired bra underneath this thing?

  2. Court

    Why are they using a totally 100% CG model for this thing?

  3. ok, I have tiny boobies, and I don’t think even mine would stay in place running in one of those.

  4. sea hag

    I wonder what the championship belt would look like for the winner of the Titty-Fucking title?

  5. WTForever21

    Dunno. But whatever it looked like, it would be jiggly.

  6. Roberta

    Some of these are really good items. You must dress like a fricken dude and where did you learn those big words! F@#! such intelligence sounds like a high school writer for sure! Apparel -totally hate anything with a weed plant so offensive! So many clothes in so many stores that are so repulsive that promote bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles-addictions, pills, alcohol, and lots of sex with everyone = STDs! yet we complain about religious items! ha! And people comment I want nothing to do with Christianity! Basing their decisions off of humans who indeed are definately far from perfection! Base it off a relationship with God! He is the only perfect one!

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