Scarf Print Contrast Shirt


Scarf Print Contrast Shirt: $24.80

The very essence of your grandmother, distilled into a shirt.

This shirt keeps the plastic on its furniture.

This shirt has a room full of antique dolls.

This shirt pinches your cheeks with its paper thin, bony fingers and then gives you stale Werther’s Originals as a reward.

This shirt has one of those tubs with a door that you walk into.

It remembers when you were just THIS tall and it doesn’t understand how to use the internet.

Forever 21, WTF?

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  1. Amber B

    The concept of a converted scarf to shirt can be wonderful, but the proportions are off on this one. The problem is that it’s cheap and it looks cheap…and the design is frumpy. Here’s the thing, at any number of antique / 2nd hand shops, there are bins and bins of scarves, selling for a handful of dollars, and better, sexier, tops can be made. I say, DIY.

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