Saved by the WTF

Certain trends, like a one-night stand or a mysterious rash, add nothing to our lives and serve to only seriously overstay their welcome.

The 80′s trend is one such rude and unruly visitor.

Vibrant Geo Top: $10.80

I can’t think of a style choice more up its own ass right now. At least the whole Ed Hardy thing had the decency to slither back into the Drakkar Noir scented darkness from whence it came. But no matter how much I want it to end, tops with brightly colored shapes that look like drunken toddlers drew them seem to persist at Forever 21.

The fact that every article of clothing like this top hasn’t spontaneously burst into flames or unhooked itself from hangers in the store and walked straight into heavy traffic is PROOF no one is listening to my many prayers.

Forever 21, like, WTF?


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8 Responses to Saved by the WTF

  1. oh nah….somebody must have been watching this late at night freezed the screen and said lets put this on a shirt lolol. Girl. I know some chicks in DC will wear this shirt, and it will show up on somebodies blog eventually.

  2. AMEN, SISTA!!!!
    Finally, someone with sense. Seriously – this shiz didn’t look good on the Saved By The Bell crew, so why the hell is it resurfacing?

  3. I went in there yesterday and was seriously blinded by the patterns! Doesn’t F21 know that colorblocking is the new trend this fall not crazy shapes and insane patterns??

  4. Laura

    LMAO! I’m there w/ ya sister! The 80′s need to vanish! I mean, were the people who made this on COKE when they decided to stock our neighborhood F21′s with it?!

  5. administrator

    Yea but doing color blocking right is so hard. Fashion trends of the 80s are a lot easier to execute cus they’re already nuts.

  6. whatyoulookinat

    If you look at authentic fashion and hair pics from the 80′s, it is OBVIOUS that the drug of choice for EVERYONE back then was coke! (Rude! Radical top!! Hand me the Aqua Net. My bangs need poofing!) But even back then, when I was 8, you wouldn’t get this fugly wreak of a top on me! Ask my mom. She tried. I ran away screaming, “child abuse! child abuse!”

  7. administrator

    whatyoulookinat – Rude! Hahaha oh man, people used to say rude. I remember that. You just took me back to Turtle Power.

  8. The worst of the ’80s is back from the dead like a “Thriller” video extra.

    I second the motion: death to this trend! And what’s with the model’s goth white face?

    In fact, there are Ten Trends That Must Die Now.

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