Reader WTF: Your Grandmother’s Dress

When we here at WTForever 21 post something about a hideous garment and one of you wonderful commenters says you love it, I will occasionally ask for “pics or it didn’t happen,” but just like that pony I always wanted, I never get any of readers wearing WTF.

That is, until NOW!


This is the beautiful, talented and well dressed Emily, wearing the dress I thought was made specifically to keep us all from getting laid.

“I picked up the offending dress on a recent trip to San Diego and wore it out a couple times while in Palm Springs. I thought it was cute, but that’s not saying much given that I’d wear a feces stained paper bag provided it had a lace, or otherwise cutesy collar, attached. For a polyester frock, the dress “breathed” remarkably well!” she writes.

Emily, you have officially proved me wrong about the dress making it’s wearer unbangable. I would definitely hit that.

Want to be on and have your fashion missteps and/or WTF’s you discovered in store or on the street featured here? Get at me, baby!

Forever 21, Maybe Not so WTF After All.


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6 Responses to Reader WTF: Your Grandmother’s Dress

  1. Kathleen N.

    She (and the dress) are adorable!

  2. Emily

    She’s definitely rockin’ it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just one of those lucky few who can pull off anything.

  3. Kimia

    She looks great! Way to go!

  4. It totally does look cute on her! But I also agree that it looked frumpy on the model.

  5. Macie

    I could be a fashion dseigner. “I think I’ll take this mug with a dog on it and put it here. Then I’ll take this bottle opener, paint it bright purple, and put it here. And to top it all off, oversized geometric shapes all up in here.”

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