Reader WTF for Halloween

It’s that special time of year, you beautiful bunch of WTFers! It’s Halloween time!

Time for slutty costumes! Time for eating so much candy you really regret your candy eating decisions the next day. And most especially, time for READER WTF!

Feast your eyes on these fantastic beauties sent to me around 1:42 am this morning by reader Fernando who went for an old school favorite with a festive twist.


“Thanks to your “WTFetish Overalls” post, I got the best leather daddy super Mario Bros costume idea. Yous the bestest.”

No, no, boo. YOUS the bestest.

If any of you other WTFers have Forever 21 inspired costumes, send them over and I’ll post them here and on the Facebook page as well as my Intersect map and timeline!

Happy Halloween, Chickies!


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5 Responses to Reader WTF for Halloween

  1. That costume is WTFunny!!

  2. Kathleen N.

    so hot!

  3. Bunni

    It’s like Hard Gay meets the Mario Brothers. This would totally be appropriate for the WeHo Halloween Street Party (which I heard is always awesome and FREE!).

  4. administrator

    So hot, indeed, Kathleen. So hot indeed.

  5. administrator

    I think they look good. Real good.

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