Reader WTF

Reader Michelle who lives in Washington, DC snapped this layered mishap at a mall in Virginia.


Once again, the expert store displays at Forever 21 mystify and baffle us all. The styling, the nuance, the strokeable Orange Julius colored faux fur.

Forever 21, WTF?


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4 Responses to Reader WTF

  1. clare

    Pentagon City shout out! (I’m guessing.) That would have been great for a Tony the Tiger or similar Halloween costume!

    Unrelated, but please tell me there will be a post soon on the “I’m a giver” tee I just saw on the site…

  2. Hey Clare I was actually at Tysons Corner Mall!

  3. w

    I used to work at F21 and my favorite part of the job was discreetly putting together the most ridiculously hideous faceouts. Picture denim jacket layered over fur vest layered over two patterned dresses tucked into shorts layered over leather leggings. Sad thing is, they looked eerily similar to the mannequins corporate dressed.

  4. administrator


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