Puss on Boots


It’s been the subject of much debate around these parts, leopard print. My feelings stand with it being pretty much a wardrobe essential for the fiestier fashionista and then only in moderation. A strappy heel there, a thin belt here, and you can never go wrong with a leopard print lined trench. In essence, leopard print is great in small quantities, as an accent or accessory. Lingerie is also a good forum for leopard print. It should be a saucy surprise, there to put a feline grin on the face of the wearer and add an element of sexy playfulness to a wardrobe.

Leopard Suedette Booties: $25.80

These booties do NONE of those things.

Beside being a key costume piece in the All Pimp production of Rodin Hood, these booties serve no purpose as a wearable item. If your regular everyday outfits do not include a royal purple crushed velvet cape and matching wide brim hat, I can not help you here.

Forever 21, WTF?


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5 Responses to Puss on Boots

  1. patty

    I think pimp, therefore i am. -Katt Williams

    He would totally rock those!

  2. syd

    wow, these are quite awful…

  3. Mina

    New costume idea: Robin Hood, Prince of Pimps.


    Peter Pan: Pimp Edition.

  4. whatyoulookinat

    What is it with leopard print?! I mean, why is it, when used in it’s totality, that it looks good on some garments, but not on others? These shoes are all kinds of fugly, and I love leopard print on almost everything! I did say “almost”…

  5. gopi

    I was gonna buy these boots. I loved them! too bad they didn’t have my size. . .
    they’re definitely fun and playful.

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