Plus-Size Problems

It’s been too long since we took a look at the torture Forever 21 is trying to inflict on big girl bodies across the globe and what better way to kick off the weekend than to re-ignite the debate about whether plus-size ladies should ever wear leopard print leggings.

Shall we¬†delve¬†deeper into the fanciful world of Forever 21′s XXL collection?

Sleek Leopard Leggings: $15.80


Beat as One Top: $13.80

The cropping on this one is rather unfortunate.

Capri Harem Pants: $17.80

I’m going to tell you something and you’re not going to like it.

Those “capri harem pants” you’re doing that sassy little pose in? Those pants that look to be cutting off your circulation at the waist and ankle, resulting in a build up of flesh right around where your ass should be?

Those is sweatpants, boo. Sweatpants pretending to be capri pants, no less. I guess at least when you’re sweating it out at the club you’ll be appropriately dressed.

Before I even tell you what this is, let’s play a little guessing game to see if you can figure it out just by the photo.

Is it a hair tie meant to accent your Black Swan costume this year?

Is it a church lady hat?

Is it a cat toy?

All wrong.

Feather Front Stretch Belt: $5.80

It’s a belt. Because that’s just what every woman wants. A mess of feathers hovering above her lady parts like a black vulture anus.

Forever 21, WTF?


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7 Responses to Plus-Size Problems

  1. Amber

    No one should be wearing leopard leggings, no matter what size, unless you are a prostitute, working on the street, on the look-out for customers.

  2. Ann

    i blame david lee roth for a lot of this.

  3. Sylvie

    I never understood why designers think that plus size women like to dress like tacky drag queens… Love the vulture anus comment by the way.

  4. ireliux

    OH MY…!!!!!!!! hahahaha and I thought that the leopard leggings where the most dreadful things ever invented!? until… the FEATHER STRETCH BELT arrived!!!!!! hahahaha That is just plain wrong! i mean, i thought that plus size lines are meant to accentuate the assets and hide the ‘not-so-perfections’…. ? But this is like: “hey, hey! look at my furry gut!” :s yikes!

  5. Okay, I just found this blog, and YOU ARE F)&^ing FUNNY!

  6. Holly

    Actually thats really not a bad idea to buy Forever21 hair accessories (or in this case, belts) as cat toys. In a lot of cases they’re actually cheaper and have lots of feathers, elastic and shiny bits that cats love. I wonder if it would be safe for the cat though?

  7. No one should be wearing leggings with a shirt that short. Tunics only, ladies!!

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