Pearls, Perches and Pissed Off Owls

Hooty-hoo, bitches.

Owl Pendant Necklace: $6.80

Anyone with super big, furious looking eyes surrounded by feathers that glow in the dark of night can see Forever 21 has a thing for owls.

Owls with rhinestones for eyes.

Bright Owl Ring: $3.80

Owls which stare eerily at your friends, perched from the safety of your earlobes.

Owl Earring Trio: $3.80

Owls who watched knowingly from your ring finger, judging your every key stroke.

Textured Owl Ring: $2.80

Owls with little pearl white clock faces for bellies.

Owl Watch Necklace: $2.80

Owls with big pearl white bellies.

Enameled Owl Necklace: $2.80

Big owls, little owls, owls that are on socks!

Owl Heart Ankle Socks: $0.95

OWLS. OWLS. OWLS. Forever 21 has got owls on the brain and it’s really starting to stick in my ass.

I thought this owl trend would be dead by now. Girls were wearing large owl necklaces when I was in high school in 1998. WHY won’t this DIE?

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy owl accessories or wish Forever 21 would give up the feathery ghost and let the owl trend pass peacefully into the dark?


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25 Responses to Pearls, Perches and Pissed Off Owls

  1. Kaitlin

    well, I go to Temple University, home of THE OWLS, so…..
    Im quite enjoying this trend, lol…

  2. Emily

    I have always really liked owls and owl “stuff,” but this has just gotten way out of hand. I put these cute little owl decals up in my son’s nursery last year, not realizing that everyone and the f***ing mother was putting owls on everything, and people just started buying me all kinds of owl shiz; I was super annoyed. I wasn’t trying to go all crazy owl-theme in there, I just thought that the colors of the owls went with the argyle and polka-dots I had chosen for the room, and now I cannot escape them. And look at this stuff. It’s awful. It reminds me of Spaceballs: Spaceballs the toilet paper, Spaceballs the lunch box, Spaceballs the flame thrower!! Let’s all agree not to purchase owl stuff anymore and maybe, just maybe, they’ll go away for awhile. Kay?

  3. administrator

    Hey Emily – ugh! That’s so annoying for a few reasons, one being people don’t understand how trying it can be to get gifts you do not want. A candle holder shaped like an owl? A headboard shaped like an owl? What the fuck am I supposed to do with these? I know it sounds ungrateful, but crap. All that shit just ends up cluttering a garage or attic space… Or trash can.

  4. Jess the Mess

    I’m just waiting for one of those owl baubles to cough up a mouse-carcassed owl pellet and finally fly free from the sweaty chests and hairy knuckles of hipsters/hipsters-in-training. Aaaanyday now.

  5. Bunni

    Owl overkill!!!

    Personally, I prefer matryoshki (Russian nesting dolls) But the wooden ones at F21 look like a crackhead painted the face!

  6. administrator

    Haha I just imagined Tyrone the crackhead from Chapelles show trying to paint a face on a nesting doll. Thanks for that.

  7. Jane's Next Door

    I wish an owl would attack the “designers” at F21!

    Emily’s talk of “owl shiz” cracked me up.

  8. Annie

    So funny that you posted this, because I was at Forever 21 today and saw a sweatshirt that had a huge multicolored owl on it. BUT this was just not any old owl sweatshirt, this owl was wearing glasses and perched upon the words “Owl Nerd”. What does that even mean?

  9. Alyssa

    I actually like owl’s. I like them, but I have yet to buy anything owl related because somehow retailers make them look like crap. Like really? This shit looks like reject 70′s jewelry. I also love bargains, but there’s a difference in finding something really awesome for cheap, and finding something that is under $5 & looks like a hobo made with his feet.

  10. MM

    LMAO @ Tyrone… “Shazaam!”

    The owls are just like anything else… they take something cute/cool and unique and beat us to death with it. And that white enamel owl necklace is like… What? Who?… I don’t…

  11. administrator

    Maybe the owl is very knowledgeable about other owls? Don’t ask me to decode the inner workings of F21. It can not be done and the punishment for even trying is severe.

  12. administrator

    LOL @ hobo made with his feet. You ladies are fucking GEMS. You make me laugh EVERY DAMN DAY. Thank you. I treasure you all.

  13. Victoria

    The owl trend perplexes me to no end. Why owls? I mean, I guess it’s good that a stereotypically wise/intelligent animal is being depicted in light of F21′s other fashion messages but.. why owls? The hipster in me desperately wants to pick some random obscure animal and try to find jewelry and brand new but sort of vintage looking clothes depicting it and wear those all the time. I wanna be the “kiwi bird nerd” or something.

  14. ljt

    I work at a certain home decor and furniture store and we’re also in the midst of an owl invasion. Owl salt and pepper shakers, owl candles, owl rug, owl doormat, owl mug, owl lantern, even a 2 foot tall metal owl to stare at you from your wall. And they must be chatting with F21 designers because I’ve noticed a few owl rings and earrings creeping into our small collection of jewelry available. They’re everywhere!

  15. Giselle

    Those eyes! This reminds me of that freaky ass movie The Fourth Kind o_o

  16. Patty

    Aye! I like owl’s but F21 is pushing it! I bought really cute simple owl earrings I found at Francesca’s before I knew it was going to turn into..all of that. Seeing this whole weird ass owl fetish going on here I don’t ever want to fucking wear mine again. It’s quite fucking scary.

  17. Anonymous

    I don’t mind them, well I don’t mind most of them. The ones with the freay looking glaring eyes like that first one, I can’t stand, ditto the googly-eyed ones, but for the most part they’re ok with me.

  18. Lysie

    I love owls – they’re the animal for my sorority (kappa) so it’s super great to be able to get cute owl stuff for cheap. However, some of the owl stuff is crap. Just like everything at F21 – some of it is a good deal, some of it is “wtf” material.

  19. HAHHAHAHA You are amazing!!!!!!

  20. alex

    I like the owl trend and have an owl necklace myself…. that I’ve only worn once since I bought it. I think all this is overkill though and the owl necklace I have is a cute vintage-y one that doesn’t have freaky eyes or colors! I also have those socks but the only one who sees them is me :)

  21. administrator

    Alex – I actually really think the socks are adorable. But the scary eyes I’m so not down with.

  22. Kristina

    In all seriousness, I like owls a lot. And I would totally buy that owl watch because I also have a thing for timepieces. Of course, it would probably fall apart in a week.

  23. Kelsey

    I really love owls. I considered being a wildlife veterinarian because I love raptors so much. I’m still considering working at the wildlife medical clinic here on campus because they have a bunch of owls and hawks, etc. So I was REALLY excited for this owl trend and do own a bunch of owl..items. However, I’m pretty particular about the owls on my things. If I’m going to wear it, I want it to look like a badass, real-life owl! Not a cartoony, multicolored one.


  24. administrator

    That’s kind of how i feel as well. But I avoid wearing clothing with realistic images of animals on it, lest I be pegged as a hipster or start another “wolf and moon” shirt fad.

  25. Valerie

    I love owls, symbol of my sorority- Chi O. But this… this is just out of hand now. I’m all for owls, but they have to be something that isn’t going to send me screaming into the house in the middle of the night, should I see their weird, glowing eyes, glinting evilly at me from the darkness of my closet!

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