Ombre Fringe Slub Top

When is this going to stop happening?

Ombre Fringe Slub Top: $17.80

When are these sadists going to stop doing this to breasts?

Who, besides people with a strangely specific fetish for aging horse manes draped over lady lumps, is this appealing to?

It’s like a nipple car wash that doesn’t actually wash nipples or cars and just causes confusion.

It looks like she has one of Nicki Minaj’s wigs draped over her tits.

Oh yeah. That looks normal.

Forever 21, WTF?


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5 Responses to Ombre Fringe Slub Top

  1. Omg. The nicki minaj shirt looks better than the original. Just wait, that will be the next shirt they come out it…THEN YOU CAN SUE FOR IDEA-STEALING! That’s the legal term, right?

  2. whitney

    I was disappointed to find out that the shirt did not actually have nicki’s face on it. I had my keys in hand ready to head to my local forever21 to pick one up for myself.

  3. oh my god. you are freakin hilarious.

  4. merchantfan

    I would wear that Nicki Minaj top. That’s way better.

  5. HAHAHAHA, you are so creative

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