Men’s Harem Pants

They’ve done it.

Ribbed Trimmed Five Pocket Jeans: $29.90

They’ve finally figured out a way to trick men into trying on harem pants.

A reader and Forever 21 employee alerted me to these.

Oh, sure, at first glance they look semi-normal, but take a closer gander.

Major DBS (Deflated Booty Syndrome)? HAREM PANTS.

No matter how you slice it, from every angle it looks like harem pants for men. SHAME.

Forever 21, WTF?


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18 Responses to Men’s Harem Pants

  1. Mittens

    Your font and color choice happen to be very unreadable on my computer screen, I recommend you fix this.

    Here, have a look

  2. ringtheory

    Thanks Mittens. I’m doing some fiddling with my Tyepkit.

  3. These are the new strip club pants! A guy told me that dudes wear sweatpants to the strip club so they can “feel” things more.

  4. ringtheory

    Dear LORD that is information I did NOT need but now that I have it, I want MORE. So gross. So fascinating.

  5. Star

    umm plenty of other retailers do mens harem pants; zara, american apparel, H&M its a trend.

  6. Jigsaw Jones

    Trend or not, it’s fucking hideous. I feel sorry for any dude hitting on me wearing those things.

  7. Moochysmoochy

    wow, I had no idea men were wearing harem pants too! pretty funny!

  8. Anonymous

    Not bad at all. I like it

  9. A and C are unfuckingforgiveable. That is the kindest thing that I can say.

  10. Anonymous

    I could see these on a total douche, but I guess they need clothes too. Other than that, seriously, what guy would wear these, I usually like their dark denim jeans, they’re actually not bad, but these?!?! wtf?!?!?

  11. Design: Omar The Tentmakers blind mum…

  12. also looks like maternity pants for men.

  13. Letty

    Exhibit A is the one with an issue, an ex of mine wanted to buy a pair of pants like that last summer, problem? He’s 5’4”, way too short to rock pants like that.. how embarassing.

  14. ROAR

    If the exhibit A did not end at the ankle and ended mid calf it wouldn’t have looked to bad. Or if it just tapered off into a skinny jean it would look nice too. I mean if it didn’t have the annoying end at the ankle it would have looked like normal pants. I find harem pants pretty nice especially on Asian guys…I think it’s a personal preference for me

  15. administrator

    ROAR – You enjoy harem pants ESPECIALLY on men? Amazing.

  16. ROAR


    Yes I do. Well not on any man. It’s mostly on Asian guys. Well not mostly…it’s more of a has to be Asian guy. I’m not racist. I just have a thing for Asian guys wearing weird clothes cause they look hot. And they look pretty good with Harem pants on…Idk why.

  17. AstellaB

    A) These aren’t harem pants

    B) Harem pants aren’t just a trend, they’ve been around for ages, they’ve re-surged due to a new found interest in New Wave and Asian culture–so blame that, not the fashion world, solely–heck forever 21 is really…not even in the VIP area where the culprits actually are–if you’d call them “culprits” (as it seems here..)

    C.I) People like you are the reason many people have issues like Body Dysmorphic Disorder–and get plastic surgery. You….person(!) Don’t put that crap onto to other people, it can be literally fatal.
    Stop that crap, seriously. We’re not in Junior High. Wait…are you?

    C.II.) Some people like pants of this sort because of what you called “DBS” (what a cruel way to label people who are naturally svelte or lean…ugh)–people like me with elongated forms or just who don’t pack in weight around the waist, hip, buttocks area. Actually thats why I like the whole idea of the drawstring and the roominess:

    I usually find jeans to be way too tight in the waist if it fits in the seat or too big /baggy in the seat/waist …its a major issue. There are a ton of people like me (mostly men, who end up literally feeling like women’s clothing are their only option for fashionably fitting jeans and/or trousers in general)

    D.) Once again, these aren’t harem pants, they’re either homage, an imitation, or just a derivative of the idea of them or some sort of coupling of themes of lounge-y sweats and jeans (putting together function and looks–best fashion items–ever, IMO, that is)

  18. AstellaB

    Oh, I meant to say that the jeans are either too short inseam wise, or long enough and well-fitting in the trunk and either way too tight or roomy in the waist/seat area.

    See, not everyone has the bodies that the manufacturers of clothing make clothing for. I see, in Asia, lots of clothing they’ve worn for centuries have been made with a more “one-size-fits-all” mentality, and even the methods of wearing them. Here, we’ve assumed people are all either male squares and female rectangles, in our shapes (thats the only way I can describe it, from my perspective).

    Stuff like this appeals to us. And also people who really are tired of giving a f**k about all this stupid shyte.

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