Le Costume Post: Part 1


They’re what drives the Internet, what makes it, and keeps us yearning, churning, day after day, distracting us from our humdrum little lives. They get billions of hits and appeal to everyone from the tiniest tot to the oldest codger. They’re watching you from the ceiling. They’re in your computer eating your interwebs. And they’re CONSTANTLY asking for cheeseburgers.

They’re also apparently what makes us strap on tits-to-toe stretchy, leopard print lace jogging suits and roll around on the floor for 15 minutes.

Lace Leopard Jacket: $19.80

Lace Leopard Leggings: $13.80

I know this looks bad, but hear me out – I have absolutely no good explanation for this scene.

It started out innocently enough with a Redbook article from 1977 that listed “18 Ways to Feel Prettier – Right Now!”  One of which was a suggestion to unleash your animal instincts by working in a sassy splash of animal print in your everyday wardrobe. Animal print? Sassy? Everyday? Wardrobe? The hunt was on. And as with most trends, I think I took it a little too far.

So, okay, it’s not so much a splash as it is a big ol’ tidal wave of WTF, but when I saw the leggings and matching jacket in the Forever 21 store tonight I gasped. These twins of synthetic wonder were just what I needed to spice things up around the old homestead. Or the laundry mat. Or the post office. Or at my boyfriend’s place of business. Where ever. And at the very least, they could be reused in October as a last minute cat costume of some kind. All I need is the ears and tail and no one has to know I wore this to run errands at Safeway two days prior.

It’s sheer, it’s probably HIGHLY flammable and it illicits the wrong kind of attention in a Safeway parking lot, but, damnit, I have to admit, it was fun to wear, and for a cheapo, slutty Halloween costume on the fly, it ain’t too shabby. I still don’t know why Forever 21 puts what is clearly meant to be worn as a Halloween costume or outfit for a Purim parade in their normal rotation of street wear. I suppose some mysteries, like LOLcats and women who wear head-to-toe leopard print, were never meant to be solved.

Forever 21, I Can Has Cheezburger?


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31 Responses to Le Costume Post: Part 1

  1. LOL omg I wonder what costume I can find! You are hilarious, im so glad I have your page to entertain me on a daily basis!

  2. ilacewords

    Meow! You are cracking me up

  3. MM

    With a black thong, pasties, and cat ears you’d fit right in at any Orange County highschool/college Halloween party. I blame Miley Cyrus.

  4. Jess C.

    It’s a little awkward to see you wearing the wtf clothes. It’s better when you show the models or the plain clothes. It feels distracting, or as if you are trying too hard. We appreciate the effort and you are truly beautiful, but it takes the focus off the clothes, and brings it to your funny faces or poses.

  5. administrator

    I blame Miley Cyrus for most things.

  6. Sheila

    Bahahahaha. You should have tried planking though this is pretty hilarious as it is. =D

  7. administrator

    Hey Jess! Where were you when I took a poll of the Facebook page fans and asked if they’d like this type of post? It was an overwhelming yes to a real person wearing the WTF as opposed to more posts or more reader submissions. I’ve only done about 5 of these type of posts and they’ve been hands down some of the most popular (view-wise and with sharing). I’m going to keep doing more and more to enrich the blog. I have a few guest blogger posts coming up and am thinking of doing some video as well. I’m glad for the feedback but I’m going to keep these type of posts. Thanks for reading!

  8. Nanticha

    I love this. So much. Please continue to be as WTF as possible because when I come home from having a terrible day, you never fail to put a smile on my face.

  9. Linda

    AAAAAAHAHAHA Purim parade….but since ours this year involved this, I guess I can’t complain (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8OucAlBdRM)

  10. Katie

    I just got in on the FB thing, but I like it when you model the clothes! This would not be half as hilarious without you making like Catwoman.

  11. whatyoulookinat

    WHOAAAAAAAA! BABY! WHERE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! XD Ha ha ah ah ah ha ha ha ha! G**Damn you write some funny a** shit! AND THE PICS YOU’VE ADDED?! XD HA HA HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I swear woman! You humble me! I thought I was the funniest person I know! (no kidding. uh-huh. well… my friends think I’m funny *humph*) KEEP. IT. UP! I DIG IT! TRUELY! You take me away from you, and…..and…. AND I’LL GO BUY SOME WTF at Forever21 AND SEND YOU SAD SAD IMAGES OF ME…… :’-( *HUGS*……. not bugs. My dad says that to me all the time…. I’m 32. WTF? :-D

  12. whatyoulookinat

    P.S…… nice boobs! ;-)

  13. whatyoulookinat

    P.S.S….. I give you total props (no pun intended. hee-hee!) for wearing a proper, sexy, and flattering, sized bra! You’ve proven that big boobies look best in what fits properly, instead of trying to squeeze into a ridiculously under-sized push-up bra! :-O The bra is sexy and a good one! KUDOS!

  14. whatyoulookinat

    …….. and no. you did not buy the bra at F21…….. duh.

  15. Stephanie

    Hey Josie, I believe we’ve found the fourth Pussycat!

  16. LMAO!!! Also, nice Lina Lamont reference ;D

  17. #Want! That’s a Halloween costume you can wear all year round.

  18. Kris

    Rachel. Can we talk? Before I say anything, I want you to know that you’re beautiful, and your energy and creativity always makes me laugh. But I want you to know that your preoccupation with animal prints is leading you down a one-way street fast. Look at yourself. You went out in public in a sheer leopard print stripper warm-up suit – how did that happen? I am concerned, and I cannot stay silent any longer. It’s time to face the truth, turn around, and wear sane clothing again. Your readers love you and will support you at this difficult time, but we won’t stand by and let you destroy yourself any longer.


    A Frightened WTForever21 Reader

  19. administrator

    Shut up, shut up. Whateva, whateva. You don’t know me! You don’t know me! I do what I want! I ain’t got no problem with animal print, YOU guys ot the problem. And the problem is jealousyyy. Yeah, I wore that ish to the Safeway AND to Big Lots! I do what I want! Fuck all y’all! PEACE.

  20. Lucas

    I am thinking about perhaps contemplating joining a gym. The main reason is Halloween. The mission being: balancing out the slut scales for this sacred holiday. While most women simply ho-down some generic outfit (slutty pirate, slutty witch, slutty Al Sharpton)…We men are left to devise some kind of clever costume for the occasion. “Cleverness,” after all, is our Halloween cleavage and gratuitous spandex. Admittedly, most of our Hallowed-cleavage falls short (Jack Sparrow a month after the movie comes out), or the black suit from “Men in Black” (or is it the Blues Brothers?). I say if most women do not have to over think this day, and get to just have fun and get lots of Zima-spittle inspired attention and WOO WOOHs, then so should we. So I ask Century 21 to make a year round costume aisle for us. some ideas: a Mesh Suit. Clothes make the man, but the man beneath makes the ladies swoon. Why not combine business with risky and give us a double breasted suit in netting? We can cover up just so, enough to not make our pieces look like trapped wildlife. Leave little to the imagination and much to be desired. This outfit should come with a see through briefcase so that NOTHING blocks eyes from the prizes. Even the tie will look like an inverted Eiffel Tower.
    Second outfit request: Slutty Habitat For Humanity Volunteer. Yes, canvas shorts….yes polo shirt…construction boots..a belt for zip ties and hammer…you know, the whole young Jimmy Carter bit…but TIGHT. I mean so tight your nipples look like raisins pressed into egg whites and your junk looks like a frozen Hans solo draped in fabric. The world can read the date on ever single coin-n-pocket, before you donate it all to the less fortunate.
    Oily-ish intellectual-metrosexual. A buff but not bodybuilder type sitting in a coffee shop corner reading Franz Kafka (rebellious novelist’s works @ accessories in aisle 7) with a magazine near it about building a green rooftop. The catch here is that he has to have a shimmery slightly oiled look…like he just came from yoga on the beach, or just blogged about Joy Division during Bikram yoga before he went to the hairstylist.

    crap i have to get back to work, in my very non-slutty outfit. Happy summertime Halloween everybody !


  21. Lucas

    i meant forever 21 but I am stupid.

  22. administrator

    Hey Lucas – first off, very reasonable options for male H-Ween costumes. These can, however, be home made or purchased in any male exotic dancer depot, of which I am sure there are many in NYC. Second, how do i know this? That’s none of your business and I’ll thank you kindly to stay out of my personal affairs.

  23. Ola

    For a second I thought that first pic was road kill.

  24. Via

    THIS. MADE. MY. DAY!!!! Thank you! lol!

  25. LMBOOOOO girl the first picture had me cracking up at my work desk! Too funny, i like that you are buying the outfits and saying, oh hell nah! LMBO

  26. Jane's Next Door

    I can’t believe, but am so glad, that you did this. It’s freaking hysterical.

  27. Lucas

    Do you know the kind of long term dedication to the mesh craft that is required in order to make the suit happen? It borderline requires moving to Jamaica – the only place other than Vienna where mesh is worn correctly. And I am sorry but they DON’T have these things out there, trust me. How do I know this?
    I’m shy.

  28. stella

    You get so, so, so many props for being willing to wear this ridiculous stuff.

  29. administrator

    I actually really enjoy doing the posts where I put on outfits. It’s always a great laugh for me AND the photographer.

  30. Natalie

    I just discovered your blog (link via Yahoo! Shine). I love it! Darn, I clicked the link to see the lace leopard jacket on the Forever 21 website…and it is OUT OF STOCK!!! How could they??? I guess your sexy poses just made it fly off the shelves! ; )

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