I don’t even know what to say

In the semi-words of walking nightmare skeleton Rachel Zoe,

Oh. My. Gah.

Bamboo Leaves Jumpsuit: $22.90


It’s a harem pants jumpsuit. This is what you start wearing when you just don’t give a shit anymore.

It reeks of failure.

Don’t feel like putting on real clothes to run to the grocery store? Jumpsuit.

Don’t have the energy or foresight to keep both a top and a bottom clean enough to wear in the outdoor world? Jumpsuit.

Want to go to class in pajamas without actually wearing pajamas? Jumpsuit.

If you bought this, sort your life out, IMMEDIATELY.

Forever 21, WTF?


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23 Responses to I don’t even know what to say

  1. A harem pants jumpsuit? Really? My Gah, they’re really just screwing with us at this point.

  2. Terri

    I have some origami paper that looks just like that print.

  3. ringtheory

    Maybe we can take this jumpsuit and fold it into something sane.

  4. ringtheory

    Seriously. Straight up just making shit they know people won’t buy just to fuck with people. Mad with power.

  5. This is all I have to say about this: ?_?

  6. how do you even put this on?

  7. I actually really love the color and print, but for a blouse, not a whole hot mess of jumpsuit-ness.

  8. Amber

    YESSS! The moment I saw this I was like WHERE ARE YOU WTFOREVER21 and you came through for me : )

  9. azulle

    lolz… i’ve been sorted out!!! too funny.

  10. wow....

    really? this site STINKS!

  11. Bliss

    Really??? So it’s not a pretty jumpsuit, but not all jumpsuits look bad. I have one from the 60′s that rocks! I’ve been told I look like a runway model in that thing. It’s totally chic. Any seriously, what’s up with this site? Does the creator not have something better to do with his/her time than to bash a company??? Hmm…. something is reminding me of the movie, “Anger Management.” :-)

  12. funderpants

    I can’t believe Mischa Barton hasn’t worn this monstrosity yet.

  13. I guess it’s fine if you want to walk outside looking like a magic eye poster.

  14. Anonymous

    LOL omg hahaha at first when i was scrolling down i only saw the top half (up to the wasit-ish) so i thought it was just a top and i thought “oh this actually isn’t so bad”..but then i kept scrolling down and saw the full jumpsuit-ness of the..the..thing and i was like O_O hahah awesome post

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  16. On The DLG

    LOL I love this site.

  17. Vin

    Kill it with fire!

  18. margaret

    it’s a wannabe version of this http://bit.ly/nE5HkM
    from DVF. A much uglier, horrendous version. I HATE FOREVER 21 KNOCKOFFS ARE DISGUSTING

  19. Samantha

    Bitches be hating on all jumpsuits. A basic black one is fine, but so help me god if I see a pattern or hot fucking pink one.

  20. Letty

    My eyes bleed..

  21. Jrussell424

    Gah! Made me laugh/spit on my daughter! Read out loud “reeks of failure” and her response; reeks of old lady! Too much! Lol

  22. Natasha

    Remind anyone of the Bamboo print created by Michael Kors .. ?

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