Dress Like There’s Nobody Watching

Well before the dawn of modern Hipsterdom, adventurous young men and women began flirting with the fashion line between counter culture trends and just plain looking like you got dressed in the damn dark. In the photo below (sent to me by the very Diva-licious Aldo of WhatHadHappa.com) a brave mannequin at the Forever 21 in Salinas, CA took the whole “mirrors or eyes or a sense of ¬†complimentary colors and patterns are SO mainstream” look to a different level this weekend.

The hideousness of this ensemble is, I assume, without question, but there is one mystery still to be uncovered in this unfortunate photo (well, besides the obvious “Why would you ever do this?”).

Is that mannequin … or a MANnequin? As in, a statue with testosterone? As in, meant to be wearing male clothing? Our intrepid photographer tells us he spied this delight in the lady’s section but I am dubious. The legs are pin thin enough and the shoulders are far too broad for a Forever 21 women’s display.

What do you all think? Does this dude look like a lady or does this lady just look like a douche?

Forever 21, WTF?


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25 Responses to Dress Like There’s Nobody Watching

  1. Nicole

    judging my the thick legs on the neighboring mannequin and the hefty hands on this one…I’m thinkin there was a mix up. As for the clothing…someone needs to be fired!

  2. administrator

    I thought it could possibly be a plus size mannequin but the body is so boxy and boyish. As far as the styling goes, people have commented on this blog claiming to be responsible for some of the in store displays at some Forever 21 stores. I wonder if sales associates are responsible for it in sometimes.

  3. Kris

    Hmmm, this outfit needs something… but what?
    I’ve got it! It needs a shopping cart full of junk!

    BTW, did you see the “allergic to algebra” t-shirt?

  4. whatyoulookinat

    …someone went into the stock room, grabbed a bunch of mannequins, and fell down, causing said mannequins to fall into individual body parts. Then as the mannequins were reassembled and dressed, the disturbing end result was inevitable: a whacked-out-transgender-schizophrenic-hobo that is color blind….

  5. Sea Hag

    gender identity? so mainstream.

  6. administrator

    Seriously. Putting men’s clothing on male mannequins? Puh-lease. I do find it strangely unnerving that there is no bulge though …

  7. administrator


  8. administrator

    NO! I didn’t see the allergic to algebra shirt. What is WITH this crap about putting stereotypes on t-shirts about whether or not girls can do math? What exactly does this ADD? I don’t see the point.

  9. style = so cliché :adjusts obnoxious glasses:

  10. Those pants will create on helluva camel toe (or moose knuckle, if it is in fact on a male manneqin).

  11. jess

    I believe as most of you are commenting on something that you have no IDEA what you are talking about. I believe all of you should get a clue! That mannequin is a plus size mannequin, and as I am a plus size woman, I will scream from the rooftops *UCK OFF! You obviously have no idea what a plus size woman looks like. The clothes may be tacky but I know from personal experience, the stylists have no choice in the matter of clothing to be put on the mannequins. It is a corporate world with corporate rules. So stop belittling the people who work their asses off to make sure you have cute, cheap clothing. Or shut the hell up.

  12. jess

    Furthermore, no one is belittling the runway fashions when they come out looking like crap scraped off the roadside. You as consumers are meant to take these outfits and make them your OWN. Is that not what fashion is all about? Creativity!

  13. administrator

    Hey Jess – this is very interesting! Are you saying there is a corporate directive from Forever 21 to dress all the mannequins the exact same way? If that’s true, I don’t think any of the stores are following suit. Are you saying the Forever 21 mother ship tells the visual people how to dress the displays?

  14. administrator

    Jess! It’s true – so few fashion bloggers will go there with designer stuff. Are you saying, we shouldn’t look at the styling of mannequins as a whole outfit, but just pick and choose what we like?

  15. jess

    Yes most of the time styling is directed, substitutions are allowed if needed. I am sure Forever 21 stylists have more fashion sense. But when the boss says do something you do it! SOmetimes a whole outfit can be bought on more than one occasion I have bought an entire outfit! But, yes just like the runway fashion minded women are meant to take it not as a whole but as a part of something and to make it their own. Isn’t that what people are taught everyday in art classes of any kind?

  16. jess

    Mannequins are not dressed the same way, merely directed to give a woman/girl the opportunity to see some of the clothes in a new light. I admit some of the creations I have seen on this website are atrocious! But not all of the stylists who work for the company are this bad! I know quite a few of them who are very good at their job.

  17. jess

    I am not sure if I am correct but it seems like this website is only concerned with the stores that are in CA. Am I incorrect? What about checking out some of the other stores and their great stylists?

  18. administrator

    Hey Jess – I was JUST in NYC last week and made a lengthy post about the styling in the NYC store, if you’d like to take a look. I’m in CA and sometimes get readers send-ins about store displays at Forever 21 elsewhere in the world. I’ve seen WTFs from as far as London.

  19. jess

    I saw the post for NYC. I was looking at the Forever21 website and looked up the tunic you posted about and it says nothing about wearing it to a job interview. I think the style mavens out there would know what to wear to a job interview, right? Otherwise they would not be stylish. Clothing has always had its disasters, remember the eighties? Or even the age of Nirvana? Are you old enough to remember those? I certainly do and those clothes were much more hoorendous than what Forever21 sells. Please don’t forget lots of people shop at Forever 21, not all of them have taste, but they should still have somewhere to buy their clothes. LOL Yes, some of the clothes at Forever 21 are tacky! Rightly so!

  20. administrator

    Hey Jess – yes, yes, true. They didn’t say you should wear the tunic to a job interview. But … I don’t know if you noticed this … WTForever 21 is a parody blog. True, I sometimes write a moderately serious post here and there, but it’s all done tongue in cheek. I am not sincerely suggesting people wear that outfit to a job interview. As far as the fashion of the 80′s and 90′s – it’s alive and well and ALL OVER Forever 21! And I’m well aware people shop at Forever 21. But wanting affordable, trendy clothes doesn’t mean Forever 21 is the default. Stores like Crossroads Trading Co. and the like can offer solid quality clothes year round for prices more affordable than Forever 21. Some of the stuff at Crossroads IS FROM Forever 21.

    Anyway – I consider it my duty as a consumer to always be turning a critical eye to every store I frequent. It only makes them better and it improves my experience with a whole lot of humor.

  21. jess

    Yes, I know a lot of people who work at Forever 21 take the clothes with a grain a rice and a whole lot of humor. I just wanted to make sure the readers knew what they were actually looking at. Also please remember the people whom are buying these clothes are mostly from a size 2 world with no idea that the majority of the clothes look like roadkill on women who come from a more “healthy” background. But, that remains to be seen from the looks of the plus line at Forever 21. Most of these clothes from the plus line are definite hit or miss with most of them being a diect miss.

  22. jess

    Please check out the girls line and the mens line for Forever 21 as these clothing lines can have some horrible aspects as well!!!! Tank tops for men! Oh God! Mini skirts for little girls, oh the insanity!

  23. whatyoulookinat

    FOR GAWD-SAKES PEOPLE! Lighten up. This is about C-L-O-T-H-E-S. Now clothes are a purrty neat envention, since, it’s like, illegal to go walkin’ around butt-ass nekkid’. And jest like Ima typing, this site is meant to be fuennee’. You know, that thing that happens intentionally(fuennee’), or unintentionally(super fuennee’), that makes most people do a thing called laughing(intentional), or pee their pants(unintentional). And at the end of the day, if you still hate this site? Ok. Sure. It’s a free world here on the internet. You’re entitled to your opinion. And since it’s a free little internet world, and were all entitled to our opinions, I will whole heartedly suggest for all the haters…… QUIT READING THE DAMN SITE. >:-( ALRIGHT?! GOOD! NOW!…….where the hell are my fringey pants? OH! There they…G** D*****! I HATE IT WHEN MY CAT WEARS MY FRINGEY PANTS! BAD CAT! GIT’ OVER HER’ AND GIMME’ MAA’ FRINGEY PANTS! THEY MAKE YOU LOOK FAT ANYWAY! BAD KITTY! >:-(

  24. Mario

    Lol, that mannequin looks like a science experiment.

  25. Alex

    Jess, are you saying that size 2 isn’t healthy? Just because someone’s skinny doesn’t mean they’re unhealthy. If you’re going to get mad at people for making fun of the plus sized mannequin, then don’t hypocritically judge skinnier people. In fact a lot of people who are plus sized aren’t healthy (not saying all of them aren’t but a majority are) just like some people who are skinny are unhealthy. I wear a size 2, and I eat more than enough food, and am the right weight for my height.

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