Hot Mesh Mess

Until today, I’ve avoided writing much about the half mesh, half solid trend in pants, maxi skirts and dresses this year. I guess I thought it would fix itself or go away on its own, like parking tickets or unidentified  skin rashes (fingers still crossed).  But, alas, upon inspection of Forever 21′s New Arrivals area online, I found more selections in this schizophrenic trend.

Lace Maxi Skirt: $17.80 

Neither sexy nor modest, this hot mess of mesh defies seasons and all fashion logic.

Fishnet Dress: $15.80

Frightening to both fish and man, this dress pulls double duty in the dumpy department.

Lace Maxi Dress: $27.80

This is what Wednesday Adams wore to her Winter formal.

Velvet Burnout Maxi Skirt: $29.80

Just enough leg to be sexy. Just enough fleur de lis to be suspected of traveling to this dimension from an unknown world where  velvet and chiffon peacefully co-exist.

Lace Flare Leggings: $22.80

These bell bottoms are funky. And not in the George Clinton, Atomic Dog, “We Want the Funk, the Whole Funk, Nothin’ But the Funk,” way. More like the “Where in the shit am I going to wear these pants to? A Goth disco party?” way.

Mesh Knit Pants: $17.80

Mesh. Knit. PANTS. Honestly, I mean, the name really does say it all.

Floral Chiffon Pants: $19.80

Chiffon and what look like loose fitting Bermuda shorts underneath. SO turned on right now.

Forever 21, WTF?


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11 Responses to Hot Mesh Mess

  1. Ashley

    At first glance I thought the fishnet dress was cute on the site but it actually looks like a net… the pants just made me vomit.

  2. breezy

    Haha ive been waiting for you to blog about these! The pants are the worst, i wish i could talk to the designers just to ask, Why??

  3. Sea Hag

    Not even Cher would wear mesh knit pants.

  4. Eat. Sleep. Wear. wore a skirt very similar to the first one at NYFW:

  5. Callmestewey

    Wow, the pants….*shiver* o___O

  6. administrator

    Callmestewey – yes, the pants. I tried a pair on in store once and was amazed at how utterly ridiculous they look. WHO IS BUYING THIS CRAP?

  7. administrator

    Kasmira – … I really never know what to say about fashion bloggers who go out in public like this with a straight face. To each their own, I suppose. Cripes. How does someone who obviously spent HOURS putting together their look end up looking like THAT?

  8. administrator

    Sea Hag – (love the name) not anymore she wouldn’t.

  9. Mina

    I hate maxi skirts. They’re hideous. Maybe it’s because I saw all the women coming out of that crazy Mormon sect camp a few years back wearing them that I’ve associate maxi skirts with polygamy.

    They need to go away.

  10. B Jonas

    I’m glad to admit the more young womens legs I see the happier I am. I know, I know, it’s about the clothes. I’m sure there is nothing prurient involved. It’s just the artist in me.

  11. evr

    the pants, the pants, the pants. horrifying.

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